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  1. The fastest 40?!! I knew he was fast, but I’d have thought one of the RB’s or DB’s, etc would be faster.
  2. Here you go, SSwami, you can take solace in knowing Aledo was ranked by DCTF as the top program in the state over the past six seasons (that doesn’t mean they’d have beaten Carthage in 2020 though): 1. Aledo 2. Carthage 3. Richland Springs 4. Highland Park
  3. You can’t even spell your own name right and you expect us to put stock into your nonsensical ramblings?
  4. The A&M defense is very solid and can be leaned on, especially early to let King get his bearings. We’ll see! Could be a fun year in Aggieland.
  5. Go full on Varsity Blues with the statue, haha!!
  6. Well, a difference in opinion is just fine with me, but you’re on a different level.
  7. The fact you have to hate everything that puts Carthage in a positive light is really weird.
  8. You’re hating on the ranking and everyone knows why. Don’t be acting like you aren’t hating. Haha
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