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  1. And yesterday Donna Brazile was telling folks to go to hades for saying her party rigs it’s election process. It’s blatantly obvious the DNC picks who they want to be their nominee and then takes steps to make it happen. Shouldn’t surprise anyone..
  2. Ha. I know Joe is not quick enough or sharp enough anymore to hang with Trump on a debate stage. He’s just not, sorry.
  3. Trump will destroy Joe on the debate stage. You know his mental well being is not what it once was. Trump versus Biden would be LSU versus Oklahoma; the game’s well over before half time.
  4. Thank you Barry, I know a lot of MAGA men and guarantee you their wives are adored. Just because GOP folk are against abortion it does not mean they hate women.
  5. Hate women? Women are treated like queens by MAGA men. These claims by people exactly like you that conservatives are racist and women haters is 100% BS. It’s propaganda by diehard libs like you and the MSM you follow. It’s all a big fairytale in the hopes y’all can persuade enough morons it’s true and to vote Democrat.
  6. Really?? I’ve not heard a single person say that. However, I do believe if Trump had half the kindness of W he’d easily win in a landslide.
  7. Carthage hasn’t grown in 40 years. Just saying..
  8. Haha! Didn’t get to wash it today since it rained again in the DFW. Shucks.
  9. That’s a great attitude and work ethic. Trump has made people’s 401K’s and stocks shoot out the roof. Bernie won’t do that and he’d tax us all to oblivion. And as soon as Bernie became President Elect and if it did change from Trump to him the stock market would plummet.
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