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  1. Well, you also have to judge our 2018 defense against this year’s defense, and I think there is little comparison.
  2. You’re just kidding, but I saw a picture of Ditka in his prime the other day when he was suited up for the Bears (probably on here). That dude would fear no man in his hay day!!
  3. Sadly, the Bulldogs and Eagles will still play in the rain with possible thunderstorms the first half.
  4. And huge gusts of wind. Navasota fans got pummeled by the wind and rain the entire game. It was hitting them directly in the face.
  5. Regal, the latest weather report for Friday night for Joshua looks like zero rain to me sir.
  6. Oh Lord, again?.. I’ve been one who has done the stirring in the past and even I want that to smooth over.
  7. I understand your thought process there. I’d be excited to see it play out.
  8. Yes, the UT DL is a strength and can pressure Mond and does well against the run. Chuba Hubbard has been completely shut down by UT each time they’ve played OSU and their OL is a quality unit. Texas isn’t that far off being a really strong team this year. UT doesn’t have a great head coach or offensive scheme / coordinator and they’re still within reach of the Big 12 title. Could’ve/should’ve beaten OU (again) this year and definitely should not have lost to TCU. A&M has had a solid season to this point. Lots of football yet to play. I still think an A&M v UT matchup would b
  9. A UT/A&M bowl game would be so much fun both here on SDC and the actual game! A&M has good tight ends and other good skill guys in the backfield and I’d want to see Demas out wide. I must say, Mond has been more consistent this year. I think a game this year would be a toss up with A&M being a slight favorite.
  10. Gosh, very sorry to hear this news. Condolences.
  11. I respect your opinion, but I hope you’re incorrect, ha! I hope to watch this game and have zero stress.
  12. I hear you, those Bulldogs love to lean on the ground game too.
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