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  1. The Trump children are actually part of the administration. They’re on official business not under the table deals in dark, quiet corners of a 5 star restaurant.
  2. You mention facts, and the facts are they knocked and knocked with no answer and knocked saying it was the police. Then busted the door in and again yelled that it was the police and he shoots at them. You think the police are not standing there knocking yelling saying it’s the police and then again announcing it’s the police as they’re busting into the door? Old boy is standing there with his pistol pointed at them and shoots first. They’d been monitored for some period of time. Cops knew what was going on in there and boy knew he’d been breaking the law. People need to
  3. People should bot be rioting in this person’s name. She hung around a criminal and the criminal shot an officer in the leg, firing first, of course. People like you don’t want the truth you only want to stick to your narrative and to play a victim all the time, it’s gotten really old. This whole cops are evil thing is so wrong and your boy Obama got it all stirred up. There are some bad cops who killed innocent people of all colors, more white deaths than any yet our country has been torn apart by BLM and Antifa supporting BLM and it’s 99% false. It’s ridiculous and needs to
  4. Joe has obviously been very involved in his son’s dealings at least in Ukraine if not China too.
  5. Just watch the video and it’s easy to see he flubbed it up no two ways about it. Whether he was only going to do a little od the beginning or the whole thing he jacked it up.
  6. Unbelievable the libs just want to sweep it all under the rug. If Trump had an earpiece like this they’d be going slobbering, stark raving mad.
  7. If y’all win you will get congratulations and full credit from the Carthage fans.
  8. Yes, that was a total beatdown. Carthage pulled way back on that game and easily could’ve scored in the triple digits.
  9. People in the streets are hijacking it and the founders’ motives are not pure.
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