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  1. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    That’s true, black guy, what was his name? He wasn’t absolutely terrible either though and obviously had skills running the ball.
  2. HearEmaGrowlin

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Yep, at the end he actually was used properly and did well. He had the 18-wheeler package, always played hard, was unselfish, was highly respected by the entire team and never got in trouble. I ended up really liking and rooting for him to succeed. He’s the kind of guy you always want on your team! He had tons of pressure on him, had tons criticism thrown at him and he just kept trying and did continually improve.
  3. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    The QB dumbness was a large part of the buildup to the end of the Mack Brown Era.
  4. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    That is correct! UT offered two Heisman Trophy winners as defensive backs not quarterback and said they wouldn’t give them a shot at QB. Completely stupid and killed UT!
  5. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    My gosh, freaking OU..... just start rattling off the quarterbacks they’ve had over the years. No wonder they’ve won so many Big 12 championships. UT has had two sure fire game changers since 2000, VY and Colt. Now Ehlinger does make that three, but no conference title yet. Seriously, think about all those really good to great quarterbacks those darn Sooners have had. I think maybe two of them were actually native Oklahomans???
  6. HearEmaGrowlin

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I agree with this 100%. I remember thinking the exact same thing about the 1-9 record in small school football in North Texas. Thought about his size and if he truly were the next VY they’d have won every game just because of him. I was super concerned about him from the start.
  7. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Oh, hey, I can’t say that I’ve not rooted for A&M, because I have and I too root for Texas teams. Now, OU, naw, different deal. At least these Aggies are Texans!! Hahahaha!
  8. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    It’s more of a guideline in the unwritten rule book of fanaticism.
  9. HearEmaGrowlin

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Y’all think UT and Broughton made sure not to have him announce his commitment until after King announced? If so, why not announce ten minutes after King did to try to completely steal A&M’s thunder? Then you have Billy L saying UT is collaborating with recruiting services to get their commits higher grades and improved star rankings? Aggies seem to think UT plays a lot of games and has control over a lot of people. Boy, I sure do hope UT is able to pull strings like this higher power/big brother/puppet master some folks think they are! That’d be awesome!
  10. HearEmaGrowlin

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Women folk being vocal, you don’t say?!!
  11. HearEmaGrowlin

    UT versus A&M

    ND more so than SC and OSU.
  12. HearEmaGrowlin

    UT versus A&M

    ND there is definitely a rivalry there from way back when. Ohio State is a relatively new rivalry, but the two got matched up several times with UT winning the huge OOC game at Ohio Stadium in 2005. OSU winning in Austin when Colt was a redshirt freshman starter and again in the 2008 Fiesta Bowl with UT winning that one. USC, because, well, y’all know... Then USC beating UT in LA in Ehlinger’s freshman season and UT trouncing USC last year in Austin. Kind of kept that head-to-head thing going years after the big game.
  13. HearEmaGrowlin

    UT versus A&M

    Teams who consider Texas their rival: Oklahoma, A&M, TTU, Arkansas, Nebraska, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Kansas State, UH, TCU and Tennessee, because they always claim to be the real UT, goons.