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  1. I hear you and agree that’s where the program should live - at that level not worried about winning at ISU. We want winning at Iowa State to be a foregone conclusion, but right now with the results this year we just need to win any way possible to hopefully get it back to the level discussed by you and early in this post. ️️
  2. UT needs to prove it got a win; Texas will walk away happy with a one point victory or 20 point victory. JUST WIN.
  3. Been lots of love in social media this week for Ingram. Hopefully he keeps it up on the field!
  4. Argyle over Carthage for title!!! I hope we do get to see that matchup though! Go Dawgs!!!!!!!
  5. Man, I hope Smith sticks! Ingram is going to make you happy.
  6. I agree to a point, we have all seen Texas get all of the top 5 OL recruits in state when Mack had it rolling on the field and on the trail. At that time, OU was doing well, but Texas wasn’t competing with Baylor and TCU like they are now. Then, you have added A&M to the SEC, which helps SEC schools recruit the state of Texas. It is going to be harder for UT and A&M to load up, but nowhere near impossible. If Texas can get its defense to play proper defense again UT can easily be dominant again like the mid-to-late 2000s.
  7. Agree 100% to what I bolded and bolded and underlined. A&M is an investment for the conference. They never would’ve gone after Texas, because Texas would’ve been a huge threat to their elites. Didn’t want OU in the SEC West either, same reasoning. A&M was the perfect university for the SEC to grab up. Huge, dedicated fan base with thousands and thousands of alumni across the country and they most likely will never have sustained success and will not unseat Alabama or LSU in the west. A&M gets the SEC millions of additional viewers, legitimate recruiting pipelines and ties to Texas players without messing up their sandbox. A&M gets what they want to. Kind of get a separation from UT, get more money in the SEC tv deal and get to wear the SEC patch on their jerseys and get to chant “SEC, SEC, SEC!” It actually is a win-win for the Aggies and the conference.
  8. UT is losing its top two receivers. Next year you have Eagles, Epps and Jake Smith returning as your starters. After that the best receivers are Al’Vontae Woodard and Josh Moore. Texas could use him for depth next year while he grows physically and in understanding of the playbook. He’d be a good addition and would play plenty in the future. I do like the receiver commit from Temple coming in next year!
  9. Well, you know I can’t agree with the political opinions in Austin, but that’s the school I grew up pulling for. So, I married them for better or worse. There is something we can definitely agree on.... Go Dawgs!!!!!!!
  10. You give them a bye and you’re giving them an advantage over their round two opponent. You’re giving the lucky bye recipient two weeks of study and preparation instead of the one week the other team gets. Nope, not a good plan. Play the game, it is the current format we have and why does it matter other than possible injuries, which is an everyday possibility for all of us?
  11. People complain just to complain and be negative. Why does anyone care, it’s an extra playoff game, which is great? Now, the ONLY thing I’d be concerned about is injuries, but that’s it. Just more possibilities for your players to get hurt, but that’s every time they play and practice or lift weights or drive down the road.
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