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  1. Agreed, I think LV may be done for a little while as far as the top echelon of 4A football. I do not expect this to be a good contest after the first quarter.
  2. I too think Card did pretty much exactly what he needed to do again ULaLa - don’t give the ball to the other team.
  3. I hope they do challenge in 5A when that move happens, and I fully believe they will. Rodgers is a really really good coach and has built an amazing boys and girls athletic program at Argyle, across the board. Argyle = Miniature Southlake
  4. NO SIR. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion even if it is incorrect.
  5. 1. Ohio State 2. Tennessee 3. East Carolina 4. TCU 5. Iowa 6. Texas 7. SMU 8. Michigan 9. USC 10. Utah Tiebreaker: Total Points A&M v CU = 45
  6. O’Neal really is slow! Man, I always thought that was blown out of proportion, but he is not fast at all. With that said, he was fast enough to take that interception 80+ yards for a TD.
  7. @BarryLaverty, the “mom’s rumpus room” quote is flipping funny, ha! Truly a good line. Made me laugh
  8. I do apologize and crawfish some, I honestly did not pick up on the sarcasm that time.
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