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  1. Agreed, that’d be a great feat that’d be almost impossible to match. It takes an amazing program like Aledo, and a less than average district. However, no matter how pitiful the district is it is still an amazing f thing to possibly reach 100 district wins without a loss, unbelievable!
  2. Wonder how many years it’s been since Aledo lost a district game.
  3. Wonder how long it takes before somebody whines about it. I think all of this is GREAT for Marshall athletics, but also the entire Marshall community. When Carthage built its stadium and really when we put in the Jumbotron people came out of the wood works griping about how much it cost. I’m not talking about just in East Texas or Texas, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about it. You should’ve seen the posts in the comments section of people from across the country dragging CISD and the backwoods hicks of Carthage across the coals over spending money on athletics. Then Surratt gets a raise a few years ago and folks lose their minds again.
  4. https://twitter.com/deaundreybowman/status/1265307832133586945?s=21
  5. Haha, I was having similar troubles a few days ago where when I’d tap submit it’d just sit there and say saving for a long time.
  6. I got off work in Arlington early that Friday and met our folks coming from the east in line to get into the parking lot. We were about the fifth vehicle in line. The first car at the gate were some Celina fans. A gentleman was in the driver’s seat with the window down so I went to talk to him. He gave me a good rundown of their team and asked what I thought, I told him: “Dwight Smith.” I said Celina wouldn’t be able to handle Smith and Carthage would ride him to it’s first state championship. He kind of giggled and dismissively said ok. We have to remember, at this time Celina was still CELINA and had been on a great run of success like Alabama has been in college football since ‘09. Celina was dominant at this time and he was very confident, rightfully so. Carthage had lost two games earlier in the season, which was quite deceiving for folks trying to judge that matchup who’d not watched the Bulldogs all season seeing the transformation for themselves.
  7. Fixing 2008 from Celina to Gilmer! 2019 - Lampasas 2017 - Waco La Vega 2016 - Henderson over China’s Spring 2013 - Kilgore 2010 - Brownwood 2009 - Graham 2008 - Gilmer
  8. You know, agreed, I need to change my vote for ‘08! Apologies, that was one of the greatest games Carthage has played in since 2008.
  9. HAHA! You want to retract that “everything I post is dumb” statement? Alright, we’ve been off topic. @DAWG91 , what kind of pitching will we have for the new HC’s first season in charge?
  10. It’s been too long since Carthage baseball had great success. When I was in school our baseball program was the gold standard and football was trying to catch up. Roles are obviously reversed now. Hopefully the Bulldogs can consistently win 25+ games each season like we used to!
  11. Neither of those “facts” pointed out were accurate, both were wrong. Sorry, couldn’t just let that post go, Dawg91.
  12. Ok, you’ll find it was C&C. I never did think Surratt would move him to RB. He is not built like his older brother and was a really good prospect at receiver. Check it out and come with some vindication please.
  13. Didn’t mean to come at you too hard, just meant as a good reminder that was not me.
  14. WRONG, that was NOT me. I never thought Dixon would switch to RB from WR. Now, I did think Dixon would be one of the best receivers in the state and he was, but I never actually posted that. I never thought Dixon would be the best RB in the state, that was C&C.
  15. Hmm, I am the DA in this conversation? That was a very broad statement too, I’m a DA in everything I post? Have any examples you’d like to cite for us to discuss my reasoning for those statements?
  16. Sportsfanatic1, I specifically stated the county seat of Panola County (Carthage) making that distinction.
  17. I hope not and China does NOT want war with America. Also, we do not want war with China. One day Democrats may understand they need to quit getting into office and immediately depleting our military for reasons just like this. Of course, they’re so stupid they’ll probably never learn that. Idiots need to understand our economy was at its peak a few months ago and that was NOT Obummer’s economy (so quit claiming it was). Four more years of Trump could actually alleviate much of our national debt if he works it right. People with TDS refuse to accept Trump does understand world business and he could actually get us out this massive hole or get us headed in the right direction in a massive way by the time his second term is coming to an end. Obama really got us to a point of almost no return, and I am still thinking that was his intent the whole time.
  18. If I were a Dem, yes, Michelle(?) Obama would be my hope for Biden’s pick as his running mate. Female(?) Obama would garner huge support just because it’s Michelle(?) Obama. So many ill informed, easily duped voters have drank the Obama kool aid it’d be his best bet to win. I truly hope he does not pick her(?), and if he does she(?) declines. We all saw that thing flopping on Ellen’s show..JS.
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