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  1. He got 81 million votes because Trump received a crazy high amount and that video I showed proved they have a code to discreetly place their guys in 51 49 basically...Trump already knew he was going to lose. He was a pawn to cause this very division we are seeing in this thread. They divide us by politics, race, sex etc.. So that we dont pay attention to the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings...Come on guys....
  2. I still dont see how the sheeple keep arguing over something that was planned years in advance..Anybody that thinks we live in a real Republic or Democracy is a little naive. There's a reason every president has been a member of some sort of elite secret society. Including JFK. He just betrayed them and tried to banish them by speaking out. He totally went off course and had integrity. Little did he know, his own secret service coordinators were also controlled by them.
  3. This was 20 years ago. Imagine how much improved it is today. Your vote does not matter in the end. Even Roosevelt said presidents are selected not elected.
  4. Belief is the enemy of knowing.. Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge.. I know the Bible to be true regardless of what man claims. Romans 3:4 Let God be true and every man a liar. I used to be just like most every person in this forum thats on the red side. Including believing man's scientism over biblical truth. So asking me if I believe the earth is flat is a trick question meant to throw a wrench into everything else I've claimed. Others have done it as well. Read chapter one of the Bible. That, including dozens of other verses will tell you where you live. Real science backs up t
  5. I know the left VS right Paradigm is a deception at the top, but anybody who believes this old perverted man that can't walk or talk received the most votes in U.S history, is out there. However, there is proof from back in the late 80s that software was being used to manipulate votes/elections. They purposely made the votes look so far fetched this year in order to set up the conservatives and Christians truthers into being labeled crazy terrorists with dangerous conspiracy theories. That staged event at the capital was why they leaked proof of voting fraud beforehand. The Trump fans fell rig
  6. Not even close...I really only mentioned Q(false)and Capital false flag(true)
  7. The real conspiracy is both sides are being played as usual. In a real election Trump obviously would have won by a landslide, but elections have been fraudulent for the past few decades. Do people really believe that Biden was the most voted for president ever? They would never allow anyone in office these days whom they weren't already in control of. That should be blatantly obvious by now to anyone who's just halfway awake. They put Trump in because he was portrayed to be against the deep state, a conspiracy theorist himself and supposedly a Christian right winger. (His personal estat
  8. I know of many former atheist (got that way from reading text books instead of Bibles) that are now saved Christians because they realized the earth is not a spinning globe. Thousands of people that wouldn't give God the time of day because of all the lies being shoved down our throats since childhood. On the flip side, millions born Into Christian families that are now atheist or very luke warm since they've been indoctrinated for so long. "My people perish for lack of knowledge". It's not that they don't crave truth, the truth has been perverted by Satan for so long its hard to decife
  9. I wouldn't be a false prophet, I would be a false teacher. Both are in the bible. It says we shall know them by their fruit. I try to bring people to Christ from every aspect of what I "spew ". Also says, some will see but not see, and hear but not hear. So to some, I'm wasting my energy.. Most will chose the broad path over the narrow.
  10. I wholeheartedly believe the jab is step one of the Mark. It inputs an operating system that prepares the way to sync to 5G technology. Which explains why Trump found time to sign a major 5g bill last March in the midst of all the chaos. That's why they absolutely need people to get it or be labeled outcasts. It's not the Mark by itself and doesn't mean you are now a lost soul. Definitely bad for our health however. I do believe they will use it to help change our DNA once the system is up and running. Then comes the 060606 Microsoft patent for human implantable cryptocurrency. Maybe h
  11. Just as flat earth was getting huge, Trump creates another branch of military called The Space Force. Trump also started Operation Warp Speed to get a jab in every Americans arm. He's simply another puppet that pretends to be anti- democrat and anti deep state. The good book says "we will know them by their fruit". He talks a good game which suits it's intended purpose, but at the end of the day his fruit will declare he has the same masters as the other high up politicians. "The best way to defeat the opposition is to control it yourselves"
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