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  1. Looks like it will be a low scoring, defensive game. Both team strengths are their D. This game will come down to points off turnovers.
  2. What I don't get is the people who think politicians in general have their best interests at heart. It's not just a democratic issue, it's a spiritual issue in the left VS right Paradigm. By the time these people get powerful enough to run for president, they have long since sold out to the elites.
  3. Bummer! Was expecting to see a post from Gomer...
  4. I think the game plan of defenses since the PT game has been to play over the top of the speed wr(didn't play tonight so Rawls received the safety attention)and to pressure Burris with Lb or DB blitzes. When forced to hurry he tends to make mistakes. The multiple bad snaps just add to the problem. So instead of simply not scoring, we often spot the opposing team a couple scores off of turnovers each game. This puts the defense in a bind and digs us into an offensive hole. I think they did a great job in the 4th of just building off the running game despite the score. Rbs ran much harder too.
  5. Not even close.. 23 of Whitehouse's 30 points were directly off of Marshall turnovers(5 all together) . WH scored 14 points on defense from a bad snap and a scoop n score fumble. Once Marshall stopped shooting themselves in the foot it was a close game. Marshall had more potential than WH and even PT. It's all about execution, discipline and drive. Which we finally saw for the first time since non district in the second half. Defense basically held WH to 7 points. Texas High wins comfortably.
  6. We all should have seen this day coming ... For years his life has been in Jeopardy!? Too soon?
  7. How is it Texas High, which is undefeated and doing well on offense, still manages to put their best defensive player on offense a few series? While Marshall, who has had arguably the worse offensive showing in district, still refuses to give Rawls a chance on offense? (wr or qb) Marshall needs all the help they can get on offense. Scoring 0 points against a team that Hallsville scored 17 on the week before. Also, scoring 7 against a team that Jacksonville just put up 42 on doesn't bode well. Considering those 2 teams were supposed to be the bottom of the barrel in district this year.
  8. I keep seeing the "RACE TO 270" plastered everywhere. So I looked it up, and it means exactly what they are using it for. Also, Trump was froze at 213 for an entire 24 hours. Which is also very telling.
  9. Nice rebuttal.. You sure act like a typical 21 century "Christian". I never claimed God wasn't everywhere. Im not too egotistical to agree on that statement. I don't care where the truth comes from. If you tell me something I agree with I will admit to it. If you want to disagree with the Bible because of scientism that's your right too.
  10. Yes he is all around,but his throne and footstool was known by the ancient Hebrews to be above the firmament. The rainbow is always there because of sunlight and reflective properties of the dome. We just need moisture to see it.
  11. Just because God Can do something, doesn't mean it's his will. Why create us then be so far away? Especially if he says the earth is his footstool several times. God's kingdom is NOT of this world. So why create a vast physical reality when his original creation is invisible to us and immortal? You are Christian but yet trying to make sense of something that has cost millions of souls. Yea that sounds like something God would create, not Satan. Im really not trying to be rude, I do my job and get the truth out. Not only on flat earth, but in all the deceitful works of the devil. Some peo
  12. The only thing funny about that clip is it's the guy that they chose to go around explaining how this globe religion works. Because it requires faith in man with words that are not scientific. (meaning real science, provable and repeatable) not scientism. Yes, it is easy for our children to understand without the inconsistencies of gravity. Gravity was thought up because they needed something to explain away what force determines up and down on a magic ball flying through space. In the real world we don't need this force that NGT even says he doesn't know what is. There is simply one
  13. I think you misunderstood what I meant by "top guy". He seems to be their "official" spokes person to explain the lies. This is the quote I was trying to recall. Totally rediculous, as is all the bumbling footage of nasa employees when cornered.
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