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  1. There is a Lion in the bushes looking at this job.
  2. Some good players were left off that is for sure. Some head scratchers on this team is an understatement.
  3. Add the Houston Texans to that list. Going back for a 2nd interview on Thursday.
  4. Proven fact, your a DA! Do you use your headsets on Madden? I bet it's against Madden rules.
  5. Well I was bored and took the time to look up your rule in the UIL Manuel for football. The only thing I could find that touched on the subject that you referred to is Rule # 1-2-3-AA. It states that people with no knowledge of what they are talking about should not get on Smoaky and post stupid stuff. DeKalbBeers I think that rule was written for you. I've got to go. Need to charge my middle school headsets
  6. Why don't you look it up and post what you find. No such rule.
  7. No rule about headsets on Thursday JV games. Dude has had too many DeKlabBeers:)
  8. Ole Bulldog Coach interviewed yesterday for the position. He has one State Title and has ties to the area.
  9. Your post was exactly how it was taken by plenty of people. You took a shot at Hancock. He was good enough for you to try to get a job with him??
  10. Your Welcome YoungBuck!!
  11. Looks like a job for you. I hear they are hiring.
  12. No YoungBuck. It means he is old enough to retire. People do this when they reach a certain age. YoungBuck needs to educate himself.
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