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  1. DoorMat


    Ole Bulldog Coach interviewed yesterday for the position. He has one State Title and has ties to the area.
  2. DoorMat


    Your post was exactly how it was taken by plenty of people. You took a shot at Hancock. He was good enough for you to try to get a job with him??
  3. DoorMat


    Your Welcome YoungBuck!!
  4. DoorMat


    Looks like a job for you. I hear they are hiring.
  5. DoorMat


    No YoungBuck. It means he is old enough to retire. People do this when they reach a certain age. YoungBuck needs to educate himself.
  6. DoorMat


    I guess kids don't need discipline. Kids don't need to work hard and show up on time. Kids don't need to be responsible. Hancock is a class act and one heck of a coach. Rusk is losing a one heck of a man!!!
  7. Already have their man. He will be announced on Friday. Former Indian X2 + Cardinal. Congrats!!!
  8. Bullard Middle School is looking for a 8th grade game for Oct. 24th. We will travel if needed. Would prefer to play 4A-2 or lower classification. Contact Coach Ellis if interested @ 903-312-0323 or [email protected]
  9. DoorMat


    Who is this guy that TKG hired? JH Coach? What is his history? Doubt he can top the last 2 HC's. “I have had the privilege of working at Bishop Gorman for two years and have developed a deep respect for the Tyler Catholic School community,” McCoy said. “I look forward to continuing the mission of the school and developing an even stronger football program."
  10. Bulldogbacker is still upset that he rode the bench when he was in school @ Crockett. Monte Jack failed to purchase him a letterman's jacket due to the fact that he never saw the field. He would take a ring right now if someone would buy it for him
  11. No experience working in a High School. Great Hire Mr. John Allen.
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