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  1. Yall know King never talks up anything....but even he says the future is bright in Loboland.
  2. Congrats to Longview's 9th grade on an undefeated season and the district championship. Their closest game this year was a 34-14 win over Lufkin in Lufkin.
  3. 9th Longview beat McKinney North, 56-17 JV Highland Park beat West Mesquite, 49-8 Tyler beat Sherman, 46-8 Logview-McKinney North JV DNP. Subvarsity district standings: 9th 1. Longview (4-0) 2. Highland Park (3-1) 3. McKinney North (3-2) 4. West Mesquite (1-3) 5. Wylie East (1-3) 6. Sherman (0-3) 7. Tyler (0-0) JV 1. Highland Park (5-0) 2. Longview (2-1) 3. Wylie East (4-1) 4. McKinney North (2-3) 5. West Mesquite (1-4) 6. Tyler (2-3) 7. Sherman (0-4)
  4. It really isnt a bad class McKinney North has on the 9th grade level. They only had two losses coming into today, pushed HPs 9th team a little. To beat them down like that is really impressive. As for Tatum, look hes one of only a very few 2024 players statewide that already have a 247 recruiting profile...he's one of the best players out there in his class https://247sports.com/Player/Taylor-Tatum-46109368/ We have a very rich history of RBs but in terms of the past 25 years, its hard to compare Tatum to another former Lobo back because I'm honestly not sure that we've see
  5. 49-17...8:45 4th Longview 9th minutes away from celebrating an undefeated season to go with a district championship.
  6. My goodness, what a punt return from Willie Nelson. Lobos rolling now.
  7. Tutt QB sneak. Longview A 14 McKinney North A 3 4:56 2nd Setup by 42 yard pass from Tutt to Budhha Garrett.
  8. I was in que waiting, then message popped up saying video was removed by uploader. Hopefully some technical difficulties.
  9. As someone else said, definitely would be a flip involved. But I'd add another Longview stadium into the mix, PT. Reason being is I'm not sure how available Rose and Lobo will be next week. Tyler and Legacy both have home games next week...and Lobo hosts playoff games like crazy so no telling. I already heard PG-Gilmer is eye balling Lobo next week. Not to mention West Rusk-Waskom vs Pewitt-Elysian Fields could be at Lobo next week too. PT has a home game next Friday but Saturday looks open.
  10. I personally dont think Tyler has been all that great since Bryson Smith suited up. But notice Tyler really started getting bad around the time Holmes started telling folks he was probably headed out. Coach aint all in, I dont expect the players to be either. Sherman wins this by 14.
  11. 2 weeks to prepare for this team... I honestly think you see the most complete game Longview has had all season. Meredith/MH will both go for 100+ on the ground...one of em could go for 200+...our best passing game this year was around 160 yards...I think we go for at least that this week. Give me 52-10 Lobos. JJ Henry gets a TD for McKinney North.
  12. Leaning Lindale but I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Cam Ford can do for Chapel Hill. Have to love intraETX playoff games, especially when its intra-county. I can't even go to Longview's game Friday much less this one but I sure will be streaming.
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