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  1. HuluLive and YouTube TV are your best bets if you have wifi. HuluLive is amazing.
  2. Well there ya have it. Southern confederate dixie land hillbillies care more about blacks than BLM. Jesus...
  3. A simple yes or no would've been good. KKK vote democrat?
  4. Modern day KKK members vote democrat?
  5. But somehow, the republican party does. CarthDawg wants me to believe that some southern Bama confederate flag waving hillbilly cares about me more than BLM would. I needed that laugh
  6. Interesting. What was the KKK formed for?
  7. But you won't block me and keep following me around. Weird.
  8. So, BLM are just a bunch of commies. They werent formed to fight for equality and to fight against injustices toward poc in America? Sounds about RIGHT.
  9. Have to love it when some right wing white TRIES to educate someone black on the issues within the black community. "Systematic racism is a myth".....dude you dont know what the hell you're talking about. Ignorant mf. How about you go worry about when the next mass shooting will be, because I guarantee you it more than likely won't be by a poc. And when it happens, I guarantee you that it wont be labeled an act of terrorism. They'll come up with some excuse like they always do..."he was mentally ill". Police will probably take em to Burger King afterwards instead of killing them on sight, like they do so many unarmed poc. Deflect, deflect, deflect like the far right always does. Worry about yourselves before trying to critique others. And most importantly, educate yourself on why certain groups exists instead of ignorantly running your mouth on a public forum ..making yourself look bad. Y'all are very vocal about your hatred for BLM, Black Panthers, Antifa and others...but when it comes to the Klan, who has been here long before any of those other groups were....yall have nothing to say. You probably think they are very fine people like Trump does. And you never critique the cop, its always the unarmed poc's fault they got shot. How the hell Botham Jean is to be blamed for a cop walking into his apartment and shooting him as he sat on his own couch eating cereal is beyond me. That's because you expect people to sit back and just take nonsense from white supremacist and white supremacy groups...and thats not how it works.
  10. Do blacks kill other blacks because of their skin color? Simple yes or no would suffice. You clearly have no understanding of what BLM stands for, and it shows. Gang activity vs racial profiling. Learn the difference. And please dont act like you give a damn about blacks dying. lol to you, its probably one less darky to worry about.
  11. Blacks dont kill blacks because they're black. lol
  12. I've lived in metroplex and GHA, currently metroplex. Longview/Tyler and say, New Diana is definitely not the same to most up here. Are there some snobby ones? Yep. But for the most part, in my experience...its the above.
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