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  1. Lee returning a lot on offense, Lufkin getting ate up on defense by graduation... May come down to offensive coaching which is in Lee's favor. No doubt Lee has a shot.
  2. King isn't at 133k like he was in 2018 and prior. Well above that now. Him and Surratt are neck and neck. And King may even be getting another raise. But yeah, not having to do AD work is a plus.
  3. They will get smoked by Longview and Allen. They'll beat JT. Lufkin is interesting. I think a lot of folks arent gonna give Lee a chance to win that but I think Lee has a shot in a high scoring game.
  4. Looking at the updated figs, looks like #3 and #4. Surratt and King are currently bringing in a killing.
  5. 1 of them probably denied, especially because the school he came from is in the same district as Gilmer.
  6. Midlothian in 5A D1. Tascosa also in that region running the flex.
  7. I think the offense will be comparable to 2017 but with a dominant RB...and the defense....while not quite as good as 2019.... won't see much dropoff from 2019's historic defense. Longview will be Longview.... they have as much of a shot at a title as anyone else.
  8. I'll let you Tyler folks talk about that JT 2024 group... But Longview is bringing in one of 'those' groups this fall. Very similar to the group that won it all in 2018, maybe better. Now you mix that group with the current 9th grade group , which would be the 2022 team... Damn its looking nice.
  9. What I haven't seen mentioned... The 9th grade race in this district between Longview, Highland Park and John Tyler is going to be a bloodbath. All 3 schools expected to bring in really good 2024 classes this fall.
  10. With those two D1 2022 RB's, I'd bet a lot of power running out of the spread...maybe some pistol is in store for Lee this fall. If the OL comes along, they could have an efficient offense by running the ball and letting that open up the pass. Defense is everything though especially when you have run first offenses and that'll determine Lee's ceiling this year.
  11. Which is where I ranked them lol 4th.
  12. Best player should play, no matter what grade they're in. Duncanville just played for a state title with a 9th grade QB, why not JT?
  13. I never said McKinney North would be what they were last year. I'm not expecting that. Said they could be a playoff team. And they definitely have the team to accomplish that. They also didn't lose as much as you think. Meaning they didn't lose anywhere close to everyone.
  14. Alright. Someone that coaches on the staff told me Tatum played both sides and that JT rotated alot at WR. Also, looking at his hudl, he played some safety in 2019 but I'll double check. You're probably right. I do believe he's going into spring as the #1 safety though. You think JT puts both Tatum and Wade as primarily WR's? I'd have at least one as primarily a defender.
  15. I'll have to check the exact numbers when I get home but believe Tascosa returns some pieces. Red Oak, Midlothian and Summit should be better though IMO. Red Oak is loaded and my early pick to win that Region.
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