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  1. I'd say yes, although he couldnt go wrong at either programs.
  2. Its gonna come out of Rockwall County. Good hire. Peep where AD Florence was before Denton ISD.
  3. We talking in terms of 2020? Or are we talking his graduation class (2022) specifically? Cause if we're talking the coming season, the best RB in ETX resides at Longview. Kaden Meredith is eyeing several LV rushing records and is one of a few returning all state players in all of 5A. Fast. As. Hell. https://247sports.com/Player/Kaden-Meredith-46082503/ If we're talking his graduation class specifically, that Lee pair (Jamarion Miller and Bryson Donnell) are no joke. I actually think Lee needs to leave the spread alone and go back to more of a pro style approach because of Miller and Donnell.
  4. Probably can keep it within. Coach Huff - coaches safeties, former HC and was DC at Lee under Owens...back when Lee had those nice defenses. Coach Scott Hart - LB coach, younger guy but has been on the staff since 2010 and brings plenty energy. Coach Brandon Bonds - DL coach, also a young energetic guy....recently came on staff in 2018, same year LV won the ship. Can't go wrong with any of those 3 but if its Huff, Longview will have a very strong, experienced and proven defensive coach leading them.
  5. Highland Park and Longview losing their defensive coordinators this offseason: Longtime Longview DC Casey Pearce headed to hometown Brackenridge to be AD/HC https://www.news-journal.com/etvarsity/et-football-lobo-defensive-coordinator-pearce-named-ad-hfc-at/article_3737d5ca-5efb-11ea-b5b9-a7cc00a74c7c.html Highland Park DC Cale Melton named HC at Kingwood https://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/kingwood/sports/article/Football-Highland-Park-DC-Cale-Melton-tabbed-as-15099158.php
  6. Ain't gonna be 5A, and Yates is no doubt winning it all in 4A. I'll say Grapeland in 2A.
  7. Boyd is a good one. Has trained with Longview 2023 WR and future all american Jalen Hale (6'3 175) at David Robinson's WR academy in Dallas this offseason.
  8. A lot of recruiting news going on in the district over the course of the offseason. Every team in the district now has at least one player with a D1 offer. Pretty soon that number could rise to two or three players per team.
  9. Honestly makes zero sense to reduce the number of teams that make the playoffs. Can't go back to how things were back in the day because Texas landscape has changed so much. So many high schools now. Not to mention the playoffs always takes care of itself. If the 3-7 team shouldn't be in the playoffs, then they'll lose. Simple. But there's always a chance that a Texas High could beat a Lufkin too. First round upsets happen all the time which makes the game that much more exciting. Not to mention the overall flaw in one team making the playoffs is good teams in tough districts suffer. Any system were Longview or Highland Park misses playoffs but an El Paso school makes it is beyond flawed.
  10. Lee returning a lot on offense, Lufkin getting ate up on defense by graduation... May come down to offensive coaching which is in Lee's favor. No doubt Lee has a shot.
  11. King isn't at 133k like he was in 2018 and prior. Well above that now. Him and Surratt are neck and neck. And King may even be getting another raise. But yeah, not having to do AD work is a plus.
  12. They will get smoked by Longview and Allen. They'll beat JT. Lufkin is interesting. I think a lot of folks arent gonna give Lee a chance to win that but I think Lee has a shot in a high scoring game.
  13. Looking at the updated figs, looks like #3 and #4. Surratt and King are currently bringing in a killing.
  14. 1 of them probably denied, especially because the school he came from is in the same district as Gilmer.
  15. Midlothian in 5A D1. Tascosa also in that region running the flex.
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