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  1. Not shocking to me. I predicted the lopsided game....but i bet one thing... NOW people see what THigh is about. A statewide threat in 5AD2. If you're still sleep on them after this one, I don't know what to tell ya.
  2. Ya know, because we tend to play a bit flat the first week...literally every year...I want to change my prediction. Instead of 38-7, I'll go 28-10.
  3. Not sure, but Sellers is definitely their best option.
  4. Well I mean, I give Chapel Hill the benefit of the doubt since they have a Tyler address anyway. Whitehouse a whole seperate city. Where does Lindale's lines dip into Tyler?
  5. Well, he used it in 2004, which would be the last year that Lobo fans would see it. Last player to wear it was Gordon Freeman in 2004 (Carlin Freeman's brother). Another good player whose career was hampered with injuries. I always knew for the longest why we no longer use it but I forget now for some reason.
  6. They get all of East Longview. Lot of nice subdivisions out there that would otherwise be zoned to Longview. We're talking about at least an 800 student boost for LHS. They dont get everyone though, I know some folks zoned to Hallsville that still send their kids to LHS cause its much closer. Places like Hallsville and Whitehouse roach off surrounding cities, its crazy. Whitehouse has buses coming all the way up to Shiloh Rd in Tyler. Insane.
  7. Some subvarsity scores tonight: 9th Texas High beat Tyler 22-0 Denison beat Sherman 49-6 JV Texas High beat Tyler 14-7 Denison beat Sherman 30-6 Not a good start for our district tonight.
  8. You should try taking your own advice. I definitely dont condone a snitch at all, but I also dont condone those totally oppossed to following guidelines all because you wanna be selfish and cry about everything. Then got the nerve to call others snowflakes....lmao. The irony in that is rich. If a stadium/school district has guidelines to follow in order to attend an event at their venue and you dont wanna follow it...there's a simple solution. And promise it wont cost you a dime, except maybe gas. Take your class (minus the cl) home.
  9. Or.. If you have a problem following simple rules and guidelines, YOU stay home. Why try and ruin football for everyone because of a damn mask and a little distance? I don't like wearing em either, but I man up and do whatever for the athletes to play. Some of y'all should try it, instead of sitting around complaining all damn day. Weak little cry babies..
  10. Cause historically, our best skill players never get a chance to return punts lol Kick return is an entirely different story though.
  11. And it's because of simple personnel choosing majority of the time. We just stick a random corner back there,almost never stick offensive players back there. I remember in 2018...I was almost begging and hoping the staff would let Jephaniah Lister return punts because earlier in the year...had another corner back there (as usual lol) and he wasn't cutting it. Eventually, they put Lister back there and wouldn't you know it....he was a beast. Here's five names that I wouldn't mind returning punts (outside of Meredith or Jalen Hale, but we know that'll never happen lol) - JR WR Dekalo
  12. I tell you what I do like about Lufkin. If they lose to any team this year, it won't be because they lack WR's. That WR trio of Diaz/Montgomery/Wright are talented. Diaz very underrated and probably should've gotten way more playing time for Lufkin last year. Wright a big body with good hands, and AJ Montgomery might be the most dangerous one. Can take the top off defenses. He has to work on his catching but he can definitely get open without question. Where the heck was he last year?
  13. Whoever you talked to, knows football. lol Tyshawn Taylor is the best Mike LB I've ever seen with my own two eyes wear that Lobo uniform...and that includes dudes that played at P5 schools. Never saw a LB react and attack the backfield the way he did. And of course, he caused the fumble that led to Longview bringing home the title in 2018 and should've gotten defensive MVP in that game. Miraculously would've been a 4-5 star LB if he was 6'0+. Glad the JUCO schools took notice. Anyway, you can't replace Tyshawn. But we do have another good LB unit. A big question that I have abo
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