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  1. Some scheduling news... Word on the street is... Longview is playing 7A Bryant, Arkansas in 2021. Bryant has been a nationally top 100 team the past several years...have won the past 3 7A state championships in Arkansas.
  2. We've been knocking on the door in that sport for years, could this finally be the year?
  3. Still not seeing the correlation between collecting a paycheck and ability to perform the job at a high level. If you think the system is perfect and the very best talent truly are getting the offers, no size bias, good for you. But I know what my eyes tell me.
  4. That's #17. Man, the youth coming up in Longview currently are very, very talented. Hale is only a piece of the entire puzzle, 2023 thru 2025 classes have some straight ballers coming up.
  5. Yeah I knew he never left, but thought he signed with Alcorn. Or TJC....can't remember.
  6. Lee pretty good at pumping out backs. I liked their freshmen back this past year.
  7. If I remember right, Dada signed with Alcorn? Hampton, to me, has to be the most underrated back to come out of Tyler the past 20 years. That dude was very good at making something out of nothing. Dada was definitely the fastest. Where does Hampton rank on your personal TISD list of backs in that time frame?
  8. Okay...one more example. An all Tyler example. If I can't get through to you this time, I never will. lol The recruiting sites say that Chance Amie and Greg Ward had a huge talent gap. Backs like Dada Brown and Romonte Hampton were slept on, while Bryson Donnell has a healthy list of offers. What's your take on that?
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