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  1. Longview folks are more familiar with Federation rules than anyone else in ETX. Do some research.
  2. West Mesquite is improved, but Longview should roll especially with key players potentially returning from injury. The other two games are as toss up as it gets.
  3. Thursday 9/23 Longview @ West Mesquite, 7PM Friday 9/24 McKinney North @ Tyler, 7:30 PM Sherman @ Wylie East, 7:30 PM It all starts to count now. Let the fun begin.
  4. Yeah, I think Longview and HP have sorta righted the ship. West is improved, more so than I thought they'd be prior to the season. Wylie East is improved...JT is playing a bit better now that the correct QB is starting. Sherman and McKinney North....I cannot figure them out at all. McKinney North has done a nose dive since Week 1. They have talent and always seem to make it into the postseason but man.... was not pretty predistrict for them. Sherman will win a game one week and look awful the next.
  5. There was no missed 15 yard penalty. You play until the whistle and that's what happened. There was a bunch of missed holding calls on Bryant though.
  6. Exactly. We literally gifted them one TD and the other was irrelevant as hell. They had no answer for a defense full of underclassmen, including 6 sophomores.
  7. You'll have fun watching that freshmen squad, especially that defense. Future D1 back Washington is dealing with injury as you know, but the offense will still be able to move the ball with Maverick Rowe Qbing. Just heads up, they'll play at Frazier MS Stadium, right beside Memorial.
  8. Handle business and get out healthy. Could have Tatum and Boone back this game or the next.
  9. He ran like a RB that hasn't had much time on the bench. Started on 9th grade team, and on JV the past two years. Now, imagine the backfield in 2022 and 2023. There will be multiple D1 caliber guys in Taylor Tatum (who already has the offer from Washington), AJ Johnson and Kelvin Washington.
  10. Several successful teams do it though. Ever watched Katy?
  11. Think about the impact the '24 class has had on this team... Now, rewind back to the 2016 team and think about the impact that special 2019 class had on that team... I loved that '19 group, but the '24 group are even better.
  12. Yep. Defense is performing this dominant....despite almost exclusively being underclassmen. I haven't seen a better class come through Longview than that '24 group. Think about this, the JV is dominating everybody despite 12 sophomores either starting or contributing on varsity. That class is deep.
  13. Finals this week: Highland Park 52, Rockwall 31 Longview 24, Bryant, AK 21 McKinney North 35, Rockwall-Heath 70 Sherman 0, McKinney 57 Tyler 34, Mesquite Horn 26 West Mesquite 35, Keller Timber Creek 40 Wylie East was off Standings: 1. Highland Park (3-1)(0-0) 2. Longview (3-1)(0-0) 3. Wylie East (2-1)(0-0) 4. Sherman (2-2)(0-0) 5. Tyler (2-2)(0-0) 6. West Mesquite (2-2)(0-0) 7. McKinney North (1-3)(0-0)
  14. Hale started off rough, but later reminded everybody why he has 30+ offers.
  15. Subvarsity scores this week: JV Rockwall beat Highland Park, 50-49 Mesquite Horn beat Tyler, 12-8 Paris beat Wylie East, 20-19 Keller Timber Creek beat West Mesquite, 33-6 Rockwall-Heath beat McKinney North, 28-27 McKinney beat Sherman, 12-0 Note: Longview was off. 9th Highland Park beat Rockwall Wylie East beat Paris, 37-0 McKinney North beat Rockwall-Heath, 33-24 Mesquite Horn beat Tyler, 49-6 Keller Timber Creek beat West Mesquite, 21-21 McKinney beat Sherman, 27-7 Note: Longview was off. Stand
  16. They're broadcasting away games as well, correct. HP also has their own broadcast so when we play them, there should be plenty of ways to stream. LongviewGameday is a damn good product. High quality stuff.
  17. I'd be shocked if Ryan or HP moved up. Braswell sort of slowed down growth at Ryan for the time being...and HP....well.....you know how that goes. Looking at the TEA site, Longview,, Ryan and HP all had similar enrollments Fall 2020.
  18. My man JJ. Another dominant underclassman who can be a stand up rusher off the edge in the 3-4 like Von Miller, or can play with his hand in the dirt whenever we run even front. He's part of what makes the defense so dynamic. There's some Thomas Jones (2009-2010) there.
  19. Yeah...obviously you cant say too much on the boards but...they've added another wrinkle that you dont really see in Longview much. I'd be surprised if we saw it before HP week.
  20. Thomas is our best QB. That's all I know and its been that way since spring.
  21. I keep telling people, part of the reason Tatum will go down as one of the greatest backs to come through....his hands out of the backfield. I have not seen one Lobo back with better hands and overall ability to catch the ball. Tatum can and will high point the ball and moss a DB....seen em do it in practices.
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