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  1. And u know how Wade Phillips like those tweener type Linebacker/D-End guys....take Lights Out for example
  2. O I highly disaggree with it but if ur looking for a quick contribution I think thats the guy, I think the Dolphins organization is scrap...just like the Mora regime in ATL
  3. Well although underrated and undersized, Quinn just isnt ready to play immediately. Gin on the other hand can contribute day 1 in the kick return game...ask Chicago, it makes a difference...
  4. I used to eat there until I saw how unclean the cooking area and all is...
  5. While Vince Young is my favorite pro quarterback and a very exciting player to watch, has he earned the prestige I guess it takes to grace the cover? Shouldnt a more accomplished player be on the cover? Say Ladainian Tomlinson? Who not only had a historic year but also was a model citizen...But I know that in the end Madden is a business and an exciting player like VY would definately sell many games...is this right?
  6. Can anyone give me his email? Im leaving for Iraq in a month and would like to get in touch with him.
  7. Isnt Petrino employed by the Falcs on a contract?
  8. Those were my thoughts....They should have sent Vick to H-town
  9. Ok I am an avid Falcons fan but I strongly disaggree with some of the things they are doing. Position by position these are my thoughts: QB: Got Vick and Shockley, Vick will fill his role I believe but what if he goes down? Shockley who is not only un-proven in the league, he only started one collegian year. RB: Dunn is productive but is approaching 11th year and Norwood looks to be the future but is he ready? His ball-handling scares me... FB: Let Grifitth go a VERY versatile blocker/reciever...dont understand that, were not a pound it down ur throat team so why go after Mugelli who is a blocker? WR: Let Lelie go (big dissappoint for me) I think the Falcs under-utilized him. But we signed Joe Horn so we have a solid 3rd down Vet who will help the youngin's in the locker room. I think this should be a 1st Round concern, even tho they have went that route twice to no avail.... TE: A O.K in my opinion. OL: Find some guards!!! DE: John Abraham is a solid pass-rusher but Chauncey Davis is unheard of...This should be our 2cd MAYBE 1st round concern. DT: Solid group, young guy wouldnt hurt tho OLB: Michael Boley in my opinion isnt what we want from a starter...This should be a draft concern. Keith Brooking is a proven vet...no worries there MLB: Jordan Beck, I want to give this kid a chance. VERY versatile, actually recruited to Cal-Poly as a Wide Reciever so I at least want to give him a chance. CB: DeAngelo Hall- definition of a shutdown corner. The other corner is a question mark and would tickle me to death to see the first round pick go here. SS: Move Jimmy Williams here! Big corner with lots of potential. FS: Solid starter in Chris Crocker, nothing fancy. Any input from any Falcon fans or anyone else who follows them?
  10. Because hes that tough gritty player that makes the bears da bears
  11. Who would you take? Newton, The 6-foot, 194-pound standout rushed for 2,010 yards and 20 touchdowns on 274 carries as a junior while adding 27 receptions for 333 yards and three scores. I just like this cuz everyone acted like Creer was the next coming of Doak Walker but his stats altho close in comparison were in 2A...Newton did the same in 5A
  12. Tautum was on a 28-0 win streak at home...well thats gone now. Second point was that the State MVP was not even on the court. If there is any one left who thinks Arp will not repete then we will send you a post card from Austin.
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