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  1. Great hire! Great coach and a better person. Coach Meeks is the kind of coach you want coaching your son. This will be fun to watch.
  2. Giovanna Arrondo was the last college All-American from Mt. Vernon, I believe.
  3. How is Mark McCrary not in the mix in this discussion? All around athlete?
  4. Pretty sure that Herman was given complete control of his program at Texas...as soon as his staff was let go. Herman did not have a choice here.
  5. There is a reception for Coach Meeks and another retiring teacher today at Mt. Vernon from 1-4 I understand.
  6. Mt Vernon needs these games and willing to travel 9th A team - Aug 25, Sept 8, Oct 20 9th B team- just about any week
  7. And a Central Texas coach, with Northeast Texas ties, that has done a lot with a little .
  8. I think you are probably wright.
  9. Just for you MVtigerbacker Scrimmage Canton-A Edgewood-H Games Caddo Mills-A Brook Hill-H Hooks-A Ore City-H Grand Saline-H Commerce-A Winnsboro-H Mineola-A Quitman-H Famersville-A open
  10. Hey, its not "my season" yet. Still watching YouTube to figure out how to coach it.
  11. What? New Diana is open? When did that happen? I kid, I kid. Good luck.
  12. Coach Lewis and my father in law were college roommates. I used to drive my FIL to meet him and have lunch when they would play SMU toward the end of Coach Lewis' reign. They had some great stories. What a nice man and great coach. I will bet those to are laughing it up right now up in heaven.
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