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  1. Somewhat agree. This has nothing to do with Trump or politics at all. We should all pray that everyday! I'm compassionate about all loss of life, I just don't think this particular big kills us any worse than some of our common foes.
  2. No, it's not as deadly as the flu. '17-18 Flu season - the morality rate was at or above epidemic rate for 16 consecutive weeks, peaking with 4 consecutive weeks at our above 10% mortality with a high of 10.8%. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/season/flu-season-2017-2018.htm So using CDC numbers Covoid19 is about 1/5 as deadly as the flu was in 2017.
  3. The Flu has the same curve at the start of flu season every single year. When the numbers are larger than that of the common cold, then you wouldn't be overreacting.
  4. Correct. When it kills more than 61,000 Americans then we can say that it is slightly worse than the'17-18 Flu season.
  5. I hope that everyone stays clear of this thing. But it doesn't mean we all need to be chicken little.
  6. Sorry if the quotation marks (not air quotes) bothered you. I assumed we could all agree that the virologists and epidemiologists would fall into that category. I can respect their fears, but I can also look at the math. Regardless of the hospital bed numbers you choose to quote, the morality rates don't change. So they they have decades of study in this brand new virus? Not the opinions of this Joe Bob HS grad, just the"experts" own numbers. I understand people are scared, but it doesn't change the fact that the morality rates are less than illnesses that have been here for our lifetime.
  7. I apologize if I struck a nerve. I can tell you are very passionate about this and I respect everyone caring about their fellow man. I guess if I'm required to list credentials, then yes medical school would be on my list. But that said I don't claim to know as much as any of the "experts" you listed. My correlation between the crashes, opiods, and metabolic diseases would be that many things kill a higher percentage of folks than this virus. The flu, colds, and stomach viruses kill many more people if I need to only list contagious killers. Never claimed this was an American problem. I don't listen to Rush, watch very little news certainly not Fox, and I don't know who or what Briebart is. I do not think the virus response or those involved has anything to do with political agendas. I do not believe any of the "experts" weighing in on the CV-19 have an agenda at all. I do believe they have a normal human response of fearing the unknown. Yes it is still accelerating in overall cases, but the morality rates are dropping. In my Christian view 1 more death would be tragic, but not unexpected. Raising an eyebrow or caring if people die, it my compassion kidding in is all together different from being chicken little about it. While it would be tragic for anyone close to me to die from the virus, the numbers and facts say the odds of that happening are no greater than it happening from any other of life's tragidies. And your right, it probably wouldn't change my outlook on this overreaction.
  8. 500 deaths IS a small number. 1.25 million per year, or approximately 3200 per day killed in us in car crashes. Should we outlaw cars and auto travel? Opioid deaths are around 130 per day. Should we outlaw pain meds? Diabetes and other metabolic diseases - countless millions per year. Are we shutting down the Coke deliveries? All of those numbers are insignificant until you know one of them too. Huge overreaction in my book. The elderly and the sick die in large numbers due to Flu, colds, GI bugs, etc.... We owe it to them to avoid all of these exposures as best we can, but CV-19 isn't that special or different.
  9. State champs play up a division the following season. Carthage will play in 9A this season.
  10. Wow, that's a schedule right there. Nashville ranks up there with the others on that list. Man that's a crazy tough schedule. I'm calling an early 2000s Atlanta outcome, 1-4 or 2-3 preseason record followed by a trip to the championship.
  11. I hope the Vandals end up with Canton, brownsboro and wills point. I've always enjoyed thumping those teams. I hope Carthage ends up in a district with New Orleans. Lol
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