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  1. Absolutely! I defend your right to be wrong on all of these issues!
  2. And you the opposite, no surprise here either!
  3. Mistake by the kid, but definitely not on the cops part. Sad, unfortunate, heartbreaking. But not a mistake by the cop
  4. Complied? When? You mean when he ran with a pistol in his hand and only when the cop was closing did he chunk the gun and spin around! Complying is not running to begin with man.
  5. Terribly sad all the way around. I feel for the family because at some point a mama and daddy have to take some ownership of this. Feel bad for the cop too even though he made the right decision, that’s a heavy load to carry.
  6. What a terrible double standard! what a bunch of racist , hateful, cruel white pigs!
  7. no compliance, fights with pd, does not get shot or tased!
  8. Show me the spot in that video when the cops even had an opportunity to shoot him? The officer on the truck couldn’t, his arm was trapped. The others would’ve been shooting at the stuck officer had they shot! There is no double standard
  9. Nope. People will continue to run and hate cops because of the BS narrative that cops are out there hunting blacks people, etc.... But if someone with a platform , Lebron, Obama, doc rivers, rapper, don lemon, etc.... would stand up and say hey young black males, don’t run, comply and if you are done wrong we’ll sue and weed out these bad cops. But nobody will say that, just keep spewing the same lies and young men will continue to fight, run, shoot the cops etc... Until someone with a brain realizes that nothing will change while fighting against law enforcement these tragedies
  10. No sir i wasn’t given a direct answer. I was given your paragraph of excuses when all i asked for was a simple yes or no. For the last time, I’ve never since the beginning of this nonsense wanted to trap you. I didn’t ask for an exact number, i asked a Yes or no question. But typical for dealing with democrats I’ve given up on getting a direct answer!
  11. 12 year olds can’t answer direct questions. Cowardly hypocrite
  12. Laugh all you want. But when people refuse to obey our law enforcement officers they will continue to get what they deserve.
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