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  1. Ref blamers and con$piracy theorists....
  2. Hmmm....I would think that "All Time" meant all time....as in - if you consider the whole time that football has been played by high schools in the state of Texas, the school with the most wins is...
  3. The final poll had Aledo #1 and HP#2. I saw both Aledo and HP play this weekend. I’d say the poll is very accurate. Not many (any?) teams in any classification that Aledo could not handle.
  4. To be fair, from the angle that you have here on film, THAT call is questionable....but it was not THE difference maker.
  5. Victim card duly noted... ....but if you are gonna blog about how great your team is and how storied your history is....well...what was that phrase YOU used “let the trash talk begin”. Especially so when you whine like a second grade girl - no offense to second grade girls - about refs and payoffs and the like.
  6. Allow me to give you an example, homer. After the JT kid cut blocked the rusher on the punt - super obvious foul - the ref went to the Scots bench - not to decide what penalty to call - but to give the coach a choice of a) 15 yards from where the punt was downed or b) half the distance to the goal and re-kick. Duh! Rather than spouting conspiracy theories and calling for investigations, I suggest you ask your own coach why he shut it down in the second half and why your kids were so out of gas in the fourth quarter.
  7. I watched your video and listened to your inane comments. Two things are obvious. You don’t know what you are talking about and you are just a sore loser.
  8. Do you know what kind of person has an attitude like yours? Non-winners!
  9. Don’t y’all listen to Dave Ramsey? Multi-Billionaires don’t borrow money!
  10. I know SDC is all fun and games.... but what 𝘓𝘪𝘧𝘦 lesson are y’all teaching your student-athletes? If you don’t win, it’s always someone else’ fault? Seriously?
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