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  1. We've got the best ACT scores, don't we folks?
  2. AKA

    UPDATE: Mount Vernon hires Art Briles

    Like so many manufactured maelstroms fabricated by media blowhards, it was more nothing than burger. I thought this line was quite telling:
  3. AKA

    Must See Games Of 2019

    Longview vs. Beaumont-West Brook. Them WB boys have been salty on social media in the off-season.
  4. Cardinals teammate says Kyler "knows Arizona's offense better than anyone"
  5. I like that metallic blue. Very slick!
  6. AKA

    POLL: What's your politics?

    Yeah but what happens after totalitarianism inevitably collapses?
  7. No tattoos here, but both my ears are pierced and, at different points in time, my hair was dyed blue, green, magenta, and white. I also voted for Bill Clinton... twice.
  8. AKA

    POLL: What's your politics?

    I figured "Socialist" was adequate, since invariably it leads to anarchy.
  9. I get what they're trying to do, but it's needless. The Bears uniforms are iconic. They don't need any snazzing up. Kinda like Sweetness himself.
  10. AKA

    POLL: What's your politics?

    No, just three Democrats. As I explained, voters can actually select multiple categories. Our resident Dems (Centex, Screamer, Barry) chose the Old School + Clinton + Obama Dem categories. Greezy is the lone Socialist, but I'm pretty sure his was a trolling vote.
  11. AKA

    POLL: What's your politics?

    I get what you're saying, that's why I tried to use vague categories based around broader movements within the parties.
  12. AKA

    POLL: What's your politics?

    Yes, and I'm surprised we don't have more "Neo Con" Republicans... I guess Dubya still leaves a bad taste in a lotta mouths. Too right-wing for moderates. Too moderate for right-wingers.
  13. Hey TFF, I was wondering if you'd like me to set-up an avatar to show up whenever you post? Perhaps a Lobo mascot logo or a Rockin' L or something else. It would show up by your name every where you post, like this for example: