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  1. Hey @Valhalla, @BlackwellSooner, y'all help me out with this Chandler Morris kid... you too @MrBuddyGarrity (because I know you were studying him when he was gonna go to Arkansas). I watched a little bit of film on him, including in the State game, and I gotta say, I'm not really high on him yet... he seems like a smaller (but much slower) version of Kyler, or a smaller version of Baker, but without the chutzpah and moxie. His deep passes float, and his footwork is frenetic. Oh he's certainly a playmaker, but I'm wondering about that 5-11 175lb frame of his. I mean, I get that he needed to land someone after losing the Vandergrift kid, but this seems like a "making the best of the situation" signing rather than a home run. Of course, I would love to be proved wrong.
  2. Whatever happens, we should definitely keep pushing sexuality on children and teaching that there's no objective morality. It's working like gangbusters.
  3. Frankly, I prefer Eason to both of 'em... but yeah, I would take Herbert over Tua. Not necessarily because of talent (I think Tua is the better passer) but because I think Tua will not last in the NFL due to injury.
  4. Agree... BUT... I think a lot of that can improve with time, coaching, and development. For a league that consists of cat-offs, who have only been playing together a few months, and are all still learning their systems and the different flow of XFL games, I gotta say it's been more entertaining than I was expecting. I think it's got a decent shot... provided they don't blow it, and try to do too much too soon. They need to stay small and manageable, continue to iron out the kinks, and don't try to take on the NFL as a competitor. They're nowhere near ready for that. Stick with the niche of being "minor league" spring football and you'll be able to last a few years.
  5. So much this. I was a philosophy/religion double-major. My plan was to teach both subjects collegiately. My wife was a Botanical Science/Biology major. Her plan was to be a professor and researcher for agribusiness and horticulture. We had decent leads and inroads into careers while we were still in college. Granted, I eventually began a torrid love affair with journalism that proved to be my undoing, but, again, we both worked during school to keep our debt to a minimum, and were able to completely resolve them within a year or two. Again, it can be done. My wife and I both came from poor, lower-middle class families. We were both the first generation to go to college. We didn't really understand the mess we were getting in. Sure, we made a few mistakes along the way, but we never treated it like a free ride, and I went in (for student loans) knowing I was borrowing money I would have to pay back. There's a flawed argument here that asserts: 1.) everyone must go to regular college, 2.) you can major in whatever frivolous field you want (without pragmatic consequences), 3.) college is a profligate time when you can goof off and "find yourself" for however long it takes. As a result, we are in the mess we are in. Stupid kids made stupid decisions (on advice from stupid adults), tried to freeload their way through college, and now are stuck with egregious debt and worthless degrees that not now or have ever been profitable careers. I guarantee you there aren't very many engineering, information technology, nursing, or accounting majors who are hurting for work right now.
  6. The wife and I both managed to work, go to class, have kids, and finish school with minimal debt. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible either.
  7. I hear he uses antlers in all his decorating.
  8. Yeah right, you'll have to buy me dinner first.
  9. Right on, man... what good have "white people" ever done for civilization? Reminds me of one of my favorite reggae tunes: Forget Bob Marley, Tyrone Green was THE MAN!
  10. Are you calling me a mhgwrfts? Well zxwq you, you pbgrnhing gferhrtl of a qplsw, and the horse you rode in on!
  11. This is one of the most laughably insane things that occurs right now... it's pure bizarroland stuff. I couldn't imagine sneaking into France, Germany, Japan, or Russia and expecting them to grant me a friggin' drivers license. We are living in clown world.
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