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  1. He's becoming the player so many of us hoped he'd become (but knew he never could under Mike).
  2. Dadgum high-scorin' Big XII, they don't play no defense...
  3. Agree. I can't think of any one call (or series of calls) that would've swing the outcome one way or the other. While I'm not "happy" with the refs, I don't think they drastically impacted the outcome.
  4. Gotta get the frosh in now. It's obvious the issues with drops aren't going away. Need someone who's gonna come down with the ball.
  5. Alto wins but it won't be a blowout. Price hangs tough but the 'Jackets wear them out down the stretch.
  6. And if I had to hear Mushberger mention the roommate thing one more time....
  7. I'll cop to that, if you'll admit UT's o-line straight up tackled our d-line for four quarters. It didn't really help, but... it's the principal of the thing.
  8. Same here. A high-ranked UT vs. a high-ranked OU would be mutually beneficial regardless of the outcome.
  9. Would be a great storyline for the commentators, but OU ain't there yet. Maybe after we get some defensive backs who are tall enough for the roller coaster.
  10. 1. I never thought I'd live long enough to see OU's defense keep us in the game. This year's UT scores at least 40 points on a Mike Stoops defense. If not for offensive blunders this game would've been much worse. (Hoping this theory is confirmed in the Big XII game.) 2. Same. I get that he's going against the obvious play call by passing when he should run, but if the run is there all game long why go away from it? Dude keeps outsmarting himself. Sometimes you just gotta do the obvious thing until the other team stops it. 3. Totally. Hurts was exposed big time today. He's our version of Vince Young: an adequate passer who can most hurt you running the ball.
  11. Lol, dude went to the John Madden school of broadcasting. "Well Pat I feel like this game is gonna come down to which team can make the most plays."
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