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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I see this claim a lot, and it always seems a bit simplistic... First off, there are plenty of 6'5" 240lb pocket passers who've been knocked out of the game, and plenty of lithe under 6-foot wideouts or halfbacks who played long careers with minimal injuries. Again, I'm not saying that being bigger and heavier does not provide an advantage, but I don't agree that it's a foregone conclusion that Kyler will be knocked out of the game the moment he takes a "real" hit (whatever the hell that means), simply because of his size. Did Barry Sanders ever take a "real" hit? Did Darren Sproles? Did Doug Flutie? I don't care if you're Ben Roethlisberger, Philip RIvers, or Russell Wilson: anyone and everyone who plays in the NFL can get injured by a "real" hit. Ain't none of 'em made of steel.
  2. Riley thinks Kyler gets drafted in top five picks
  3. Thanks for the articles. I disagree with your interpretations of the data and your conclusions, as well as your predictions. Time will tell.
  4. Source on the healthcare assertion? RE: the mid-terms, can you show me how many Democratic reps won in red districts? How many Dems won senate races? I'm trying to understand how you see the mid-terms as a "buttkicking?" Only the most partisan of observers see it as anything more than a draw, at best.
  5. AKA


    Y'all trying to make Rocky Baker the new Kerry Strong/Mike Thomas?
  6. AKA

    New Jersey HS Football new rule

    High school football in Jersey is officially dead. Any hitters that state might produce will now have to settle for lacrosse and hockey.
  7. AKA


    I agree, no one is more qualified to vet Kerry Strong than Kerry Strong.
  8. AKA

    Venezuelan Special Forces

    They need to go to RANGERRRRR SCHOOL!!!!! (NSFW warning! Lotsa bad language and toxic masculinity)
  9. AKA

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    The scuttlebut I'm hearing is that he was encouraged to "explore his options" via transfer portal, that there was some pushback from Tatum, and that an OU insider leaked that Tatum was planning to enter.
  10. AKA

    2019 NFL Offseason

    Wow... looks like Elway got the tall pocket passer he covets. Hope it works out for him.
  11. AKA

    👽 The Colmes Files

    Everyone should raise bees. Like, everyone. If we lose the bees, we lose everything.