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  1. Trying to get out in front of something...
  2. I read somewhere that Tua got some first-place votes too. A nice gesture. Completely without merit, but a nice gesture.
  3. This is the wrong hire. Herman will be fired after next season.
  4. Geez, that darn Trump can't even Hitler right. Literally the worst Hitler ever. Literally.
  5. Not taking anything away from his talent, because dude is legit, but major credit to his coaches crafting a scheme that maximizes his skills. Again, it takes someone with his talent to make that scheme work, but the Baltimore playcalling this year has been fantastic. They are putting Lamar in position to make plays and trusting him to make it happen. As an X's and O's geek, it's exciting to watch.
  6. I hear he's gonna expand the playbook for Sam's senior year:
  7. Assuming you're right (or at least very close), what would you guess our non-district games might look like?
  8. Whoa whoa whoa, save the technical mumbo-jumbo. We keeping it reeeeal simple at East Popcorn State. All you have to do is be sure to pick the same play as the other team. The defense automatically shuts it down. Simple.
  9. Nah. You're actually qualified to be a trainer. How about Defensive Coordinator?
  10. Actually Trump is mistaken... this is his third time as Time's Person of the Year. He also literally won it in 1939. Literally.
  11. For real... I want to hire his agent. I'm not qualified to coach D-I college football but apparently that doesn't stop Taggart.
  12. I think you're right about this. I remember those days... LSU and UT were both fighting hard for Herman. Dude was THE hot young coach at the time. Various leaks to different reporters at different points saying Herman was about to sign with one team or the other. Honestly, I can't say I blame UT wanting to act fast. Not trying to say "I told you so" or compound your frustration, but I never did understand the hype over Herman:
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