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  1. Hahaha, nah, no inside information, I can only name, like, two kids on the entire roster... take me with a grain of salt on Overton, even more than you do for everything else.
  2. I don't really know squat about Overton's chances this year, except that they aren't returning much from last year's team... and last year's team was pretty rough.
  3. West Hardin Hull-Daisetta Mt. Enterprise Evadale Grapeland Lovelady
  4. I think we're timing it to be the week after the last preseason game, so... week after next, right @Stoney?
  5. If we're stuck at 7 I volunteer to be an 8th team as well.
  6. I counted 8, but I'm not a math guy.
  7. I don't begrudge folks their chicken sandwich preferences... but if the U.S. government was run like the Chick-fil-A drive thru this country would be in a lot better shape.
  8. When are the last preseason games... this weekend? If so, do we want to set the draft for sometime next week?
  9. Lol: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/09/rick-stengel-least-24-journalist-go-work-obama-administration/310928/
  10. Post a picture and I'll fix it for ya.
  11. We need to start a drinking game for TFF's in-game panic attacks.
  12. There's a gun rack in my bedroom, upon which is a modified AR-15 (among other firearms). There's a nickel-plated .38 in my bedside table. In my eldest son's room there's a .410 over/under and a compound bow. In my younger sons' room there's a .22 rifle. We are yet to have a mass shooting in my home. In my garage I also have numerous other tools that are lethal if used improperly.
  13. Smooth as brown sugar. Above-average mechanics and footwork (for his age), and big enough right now to start varsity for a smaller school.
  14. Good luck! Represent the 9-0-3 to those DFW boys!
  15. Thanks a lot... I'm never gonna get all the coffee out of this keyboard.
  16. By all means, continue. Everyone needs a hobby.
  17. If you're going to create a thread every time Trump says something "off the rails" you're going to be pretty busy.
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