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  1. AKA

    Release of the Mueller Report

    Did anyone catch this during Barr's remarks: So the redactions were done WITH the Special Counsel attorneys? Doesn't that mean Mueller's people would've had to agree with the redactions? Hmm... obviously Mueller's people are colluding with Trump to cover everything up. I think we need to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the previous Special Counsel. And if that one doesn't work, we'll appoint another Special Counsel to investigate that Special Counsel. Whatever it takes to impeach Trump.
  2. AKA

    Release of the Mueller Report

    Or, in my case, all three.
  3. The way-too-early 2020 Election prediction thread Well, the pundits are still unpacking this one, but at the outset it appears that (once again) the Democrats have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. While the outcomes in Arizona and (surprise surprise) Florida still remain somewhat in doubt, the 2018 election looks to be pretty much a "draw" overall. Granted, the House went blue, but it wasn't by much and it was mostly in Dem-leaning states. The much-anticipated "blue wave" was little more than a trickle. Thanks to record spending and unprecedented media support, Beto finished closer than most pundits expected. Republicans didn't help matters by vacating so many seats. I hope Paul Ryan is pleased with himself for leading the retreat. I bet the GOP bans him from ever being in a postion of leadership again. So, what does all this tell us about 2020? STATEWIDE: Having seen a large number of downticket RINOs being ousted in 2018, do Texas Republicans double-down and get more conservative or will the Democrats build on this year's gains in suburban areas? CONGRESS: With a number of House races taking place in red states, can Republicans win back the majority? Do the Dems put Pelosi back in charge of the House, or will they opt for new blood? WHITE HOUSE: Do the Democrats annoint Beto their lord and savior against Trump? If not Beto, who is the likely prez/VP ticket? Dare I say Hillary? What do you think is going to happen between now and then?
  4. AKA

    Release of the Mueller Report

    Oh, I'm watching it, and it's clear that Barr and Mueller are both Russian agents, taking direct orders from Putin. The unredacted version of the Mueller Report will prove this, just you wait.
  5. AKA

    Release of the Mueller Report

    I'm just glad it'll finally be over... the Mueller Report will show that Trump colluded with Russia to convince millions of Americans to vote against Hillary and that he's making millions of dollars in the White House and that he's racist and that he's banning homosexuals and Muslims and forcing teenage illegal immigrants to have abortions in cages. They finally got him y'all. Expect Trump and Pence and every member of the Administration to be perp-walked in orange jumpsuits, so Pelosi can appoint Hillary as the 46th President. Gonna happen any minute now... Yep... Any minute now...
  6. Y'all gonna give @LoboFan07 a migraine. But seriously... I like the HUGE gold Rockin' L on the bottom one, and the large block-letter "LOBOS" on the top one.
  7. I'm leaning toward something like this:
  8. You hush yo mouth. We going all gold. Gold end zones. Gold yard markers. Gold uprights. Gold bleachers. Stadium gonna look like Trump's bathrooms when I'm done with it.
  9. I'd settle for the other districts just stop lying about us.
  10. I'm working on a preliminary design now, it's going to look something like this:
  11. West Rusk/Overton seems more pragmatic than all three. But I reckon both would rather shut down than merge.
  12. Most 2A and 1A schools that are within easy driving distance (subjective, I know) of each other and are consistently underperforming should be consolidated.
  13. AKA

    Cher Becomes A Conservative

    Open borders for thee but not for me...
  14. You'll be whistling another tune when the Empire tries to take our solar system.
  15. Gonna be losing a lot of key guys in 2019, but we've also got a lot of young talent that was battle-tested in 2018. Some staffing shakeups are possible, and some serious defensive upgrades are desperately needed. How's the recruiting outlook heading into the off-season? New year, new thread... BOOMER SOONER!
  16. AKA

    💲 The Trump Economy 💲

    Job market bounces back in March with 196,000 gain in payrolls
  17. AKA

    Benefit of Ending Football?

    In that case I can think of entire school districts who need CPS called on them.
  18. AKA

    Sooners 2019 Thread

    Saw this on the Tweeter: