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  1. Ugh, don't get me started. There's such an obvious work-around for that right now that would allow an NCAA Football game.
  2. Give me the '90s-era Bucky Richardson/Wrecking Crew unis every time. I don't give a rat's ### about A&M but that look was awesome.
  3. I wonder how the cancellations will impact Pac-12/Big Ten recruiting in general...
  4. Yeah, that wouldn't even be a longshot, that would be a "pigs fly" scenario. But the Big XII could try to pick off a couple of the also-rans like Nebby and Iowa.
  5. The Big XII would be fools not to make an aggressive play at bolstering their profile by poaching some Big 10 squads.
  6. Hmm, let's see, I say A&M beats LSU, Arkie, Ole Miss, and Vandy at home; then takes road wins over Auburn, Miss. State, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Losses will be Alabama on the road and Florida at home. What's that, 8-2? Depending on how it shakes out they could be playing for the SEC title.
  7. https://news.stonybrook.edu/facultystaff/maverick-modeller-helmut-norpoth-predicts-another-win-for-trump/
  8. Remember kids: believe in yourself, eat all ya school, stay in milk, drink ya teeth, don't do sleep, and get 8 hours of drugs, you can get work!
  9. Does this mean we can rip on them for being "the University of Oklahoma at Fayetteville?"
  10. Nothing good can happen from white people using the N-word. Doesn't matter if you're quoting or using it as an "example." It was taboo a few years ago, but in these days of hyper-outrage it is absolutely verboten.
  11. Yeah, it's certainly going to put a damper on Riley's fictional "no clear-cut starting QB" narrative that he likes to put out there during the off-season. But I do feel bad for Mordecai. The kid's been working hard.
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