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  1. All lobbying for my alma mater aside, he really does fit the offense well and would totally get playing time as a freshman. There's no waiting at OU. The best eleven are on the field regardless of their grad year. Once he gets in there and Bennie puts some meat on his bones, he's gonna be scary.
  2. JV yes: https://www.youtube.com/c/LongviewISDAthletics Freshmen no, unless WM does it.
  3. Is this illegal? Because if not, we gotta start teaching this technique:
  4. I bet if Jimbo grabbed my elbow and started talking variable rates, I'd at least hear him out. And if I got anywhere near Saban I know I'd be walking off the lot with a car I couldn't afford.
  5. To be fair, there was plenty of crazy stuff with fans and referees back in the day too, but things didn't "go viral" as easy back then. At the same time, as a society we've grown increasingly outrage-addicted, to where any perceived slight becomes potentially volatile.
  6. We both got out before it was too late. All but impossible to make a living in that racket anymore.
  7. Nah, my gut has #### for brains.
  8. Exactly. It's why I love the RRS at the Cotton Bowl. It's cramped, antiquated, and drunk UT/OU fans are breathing and sweating beer all over you. It's perfect!
  9. 1.) Virginia 2.) Notre Dame 3.) LSU 4.) Texas 5.) Arkansas 6.) Iowa State 7.) Louisville 8.) UCLA 9.) Michigan State 10.) Oklahoma State *Tiebreaker: OU points vs West Virginia = 38
  10. Drake Stoops continues to make an impact While he’s made big plays, Stoops’ impact isn’t always measured in the box score. He’s really progressed as a down-field blocker, often helping his teammates find extra yards. On a third-and-seven on the Sooners’ first drive, Stoops made a big block on a Nebraska defender that helped Mario Williams find space for a 19-yard reception. Stoops is committed to making winning plays like that for his team. “I take tremendous pride in [blocking] because if you do your job, it allows other people to do their [jobs], as well,” Stoops said. “T
  11. Why has Oklahoma struggled in the deep passing game? Key quote: That decision-making has been Rattler’s biggest weakness, and having an all-world arm has made it harder for that decision-making to be better than it has been. When a quarterback has the arm talent Rattler does, he believes he can make every throw work, regardless of the coverage. Spencer will have to be better, and Riley will have to give him more opportunities to be better. It's this right here that most concerns me about Rattler, because read & recognition is a skill not a talent, and it requires study and
  12. Both sites have such great gameday atmospheres, frankly Jerryworld seems anticlimactic in comparison.
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