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  1. Oh yeah? I've got that beat... I happen to know of a DE in the Class of 2030 who's gonna be one to watch. He's in the 99th percentile in height (projected to hit somewhere between 6-5 and 6-8) and has a crazy wingspan. Physical and aggressive. Straight A's in Hudson Pep's GT classes. Unfortunately his father is a bit problematic, kind of a head case. But no worries: King knows how to handle him.
  2. I don't think even they knew what they wanted to be back then. But they seem to have it figured out now.
  3. I take full credit for any athletic accomplishments they make. I helped *start* the athletic program, waaaaay back before they became "Cumberland."
  4. Are you serious, or is he the new Kerry Strong? I can't keep up with you young hipsters and your dadgum meme-ing.
  5. ^^^ Yeah... this. I am totally out of the loop here, but it strikes me as odd that there are no names being mentioned. You look over the Smoaky high school forum and just about any time there's a resignation/reassignment you'll see two or three names thrown around... not counting the comedians who namedrop Kerry Strong, Mike Thomas, Nick Saban, et al. Many moons ago was I something of a kinda-sorta Henderson "insider" (but not really), and it seemed like there was never a staffing change made without some clear candidates for replacement in mind. Regardless of your opinion of Cast
  6. A little bit more detail here: https://w3.lisd.org/news/article/04122021-gameday.html Yep, same group, BUT the coverage and marketing is going to be significantly upscaled. No disrespect to Texas High folks, but our plans for Longview Gameday are very ambitious. This is a moving target, and all of us are waiting on the UIL to provide some clarity for 2021-22, but we're developing various contingencies that will be adaptable to what the state determines. Believe me, we're gonna walk right up to the line without crossing it. Still a lotta moving pieces on t
  7. It'll be better next year. Much better. Stay tuned.
  8. Nah, I'm gonna have to call B.S. on this. I have it on good authority that Nick Saban's wife was seen house-shopping out on Pecan Creek Drive.
  9. Good grief... someone needs to stage an intervention. Ol' dude needs help.
  10. Jesus... this conversation is becoming very silly very fast. Fact: Allen ISD hired Chad Morris. Opinion: Morris was probably their number 1 candidate. Opinion: Allen ISD probably considered their options, and reached out to multiple potential candidates. We good here?
  11. Texas really is (at least) four states. Culturally as well as geographically.
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