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  1. LOL


    Yeah, the memes can get old and repetitive. I'm enjoying the show though. I guess it's just my kind of twisted depraved dry humor.
  2. There's also the assumption we're resuming classes in August. I doubt it. Welcome to the "new normal."
  3. Just try to avoid having all your best players leave the program and you should be fine.
  4. LOL


    Indeed. The war is over. They won.
  5. I am aghast at how many people are utterly dependent upon the state. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
  6. Wait 'til she realizes that every penny of it can be reallocated at the pleasure of the president.
  7. Any of y'all even heard of this show? No? Okayyyy... Do you like "it's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?" Imagine that same kind of concept, except it involves a buncha Canadian rednecks, emo geek meth-heads, and hockey jocks. Or maybe imagine Trailer Park Boys mixed with Seinfeld (with a dash of subtle Kevin Smith pop-culture references? The first few minutes of the first episode is a pretty good litmus test. If you like this, you'll love the series. If this doesn't do anything for you, then feel free to move along...
  8. Evan Smith and Ross Ramsey are solid dudes. Obviously our politics don't align, but our tastes in IPAs and BBQ are pretty much in lock-step. There's hope for everyone.
  9. LOL


    Such savagery. How with Drumpf ever recover. We got heeem now! #resist
  10. It's best not to take any of this seriously. No one here knows what they're talking about.
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