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  1. Agreed. UT's uniform concept is classic. You diminish it with all the needless bells and whistles.
  2. If I'm Hugh Freeze and Tenny is my "dream job," then I stay at Liberty and play the part of the upstart until the Vols bottom out. Then, once expectations are at a perfect nadir (and any possible penalties have been paid), you can waltz in as the savior.
  3. Whoa, better bring your A-game if you're gonna wear that number. #1 brings certain expectations along with it.
  4. Just the latest example really... you can look around the league and see numerous players that Miami benched and/or cut who are doing well. For a Dolphin fan, it's kind of a running gag every time the transactions come out... "Oh look, Miami is releasing [NAME HERE]. I bet some other team will sign him and he'll make all-pro."
  5. I want Kelly to come home too. Not sure where, but somewhere on staff.
  6. It doesn't matter... Miami's coaching staff/front office would still find a screw it up. Probably bench him and then cut him after one season.
  7. Zero interest. Marvel is trying hard to make her "happen" as an iconic superhero. She's not going to "happen."
  8. Didn't watch a game this season. While I expect the politics to be all but non-existent next season, I won't be back. Got too many better things to do with my time.
  9. A lotta heat saying Watson ends up at Miami... <sigh> I am ready to be hurt again.
  10. Would've liked to have kept Pledger (for depth) and Morris (for fun), but neither would have been higher than RB2 or QB3 on next year's roster. Rambo still would've had plenty of targets though, even if not the starter. Other than being the *featured* wideout at Miami, I don't get this move. Barnes and Terry... yeah, wish them well, but all they really provided was experienced depth. Nothing wrong with that, unless we've got better younger guys to put there.
  11. He's a D-1 talent. He should find plenty of suitors for his skillset.
  12. Who, pray tell, would you describe as the best exemplar of such an appellation?
  13. Don't blame me, I wanted Miami to draft Lamar.
  14. Dang, so is Saban returing or something? Because it sure seems like the staff is jumping ship...
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