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  1. So will Spencer Rattler... his upside is huge, but it's gonna take at least a year of seasoning before he becomes legit. So do we... plus their rag-armed QB torched us last season. He'll be back. I'm not worried about Purdy as much as I'm worried about his backup.
  2. Wow... again: what's the point? If I'm in charge of stuff, you only get one shot at a crystal ball per recruit, and there's a deadline that it has to be in by.
  3. Didn't he appoint her to the COVID task force? This is the first Dem VP candidate I've heard of who isn't an absolute joke. It's a really smart choice... which is why there's not a chance in hell Biden makes it.
  4. Wait... you mean you can change these things? Well sheesh, what's the point? I thought the crystal balls were for when an "expert" feels so confident in his info, he's willing to try to "predict the future." I mean, isn't that the whole point of calling it a "crystal ball?" These guys are aware of what a "crystal ball" refers to, right? Now I'm getting a mental picture of some guy talking to a psychic... PSYCHIC: "You've come to me from a great distance..." CUSTOMER: "Uh no, actually my apartment is across the street." PSYCHIC: "Ah, just kidding, what I really meant is: you want to know if you will ever fall in love." CUSTOMER: "Well, actually, I was kinda wanting some stock tips..." PSYCHIC: "Just kidding... what I meant to say is that you are seeking stock tips." CUSTOMER: "Wow! How did you know?" PSYCHIC: "That will be $100 please."
  5. Agree. It should be outlawed. Everyone has to bat, even the pitchers. If your pitcher sucks at batting, well, too damn bad.
  6. This, and a lot of school districts are about to do some serious culling in "non-classroom" staff. SHISD will be no exception.
  7. The former seems more likely than the latter. Unless the Supt. has some rock star AD/HC he's buddy-buddy with, I'll be shocked if SH goes outside.
  8. In my opinion Hale is already more "talented" than Kamden was, what remains to be seen is how he plays in game speed. Gotta say, I like what I've seen so far, albeit in a small sample of snaps. One of the things that made Kamden special was how ridiculously clutch he was in game situations. Dude was never the biggest or fastest athlete on the field, by if the ball was thrown anywhere near him, he made the play. Just a ridiculous ability for making subtle adjustments in his routes to get open, and pulling in the catch even when the pass wasn't necessarily well thrown. The kinds of intangible things that don't show up in measurables.
  9. That's fair... I can see that comparison, though I wonder what Blake would've looked like in a Riley offense.
  10. I agree, which is why (in my scenario) the only way Rattler gets an invite is to be a distant third... behind Fields and Lawrence. But, again, I really feel like it's Fields's trophy to lose.
  11. I'm counting on opposing teams loading the box to stop Barkley.
  12. Kid has tons of upside, but he's too much of a young gunslinger. I'm expecting a lotta forced-ball INTs in his first season until he settles down. Plus, the RRS is difficult for even a seasoned upperclassman to play well. I'm expecting him to make plenty of costly mistakes. But that's okay, he's gonna be a good one. I think we drop games to UT and Okie State and one more... probably someone random and inexplicable, like TCU or Kansas State.
  13. Most Important Big XII Games In 2020 (Berry Tramel/Tulsa World) Here's my thoughts on a few of his picks... 1.) Texas at Oklahoma State: this will be a preview for the conference championship game. I predict these team will split the series. 6.) Oklahoma vs. Texas: if UT doesn't win this game Herman should be fired immediately after. 8.) Tennessee at Oklahoma: Tennessee certainly aren't the Vols of old, but it's still a pretty good chance to see where this OU team has progressed overall. 20.) Oklahoma at Army: Triple-option teams are always a challenge, but this is an opportunity for Grinch to permanently assert himself as the anti-Mike. 33.) Oklahoma at West Virginia: throw the rankings and records out the window, this one is in Morgantown. The couches aren't the only thing gonna be on fire. 54.) Texas at Kansas: same as the aforementioned Red River Shootout, if UT loses then you fire Herman before he even walks off the field. 58.) Kansas State at Oklahoma: we need some payback at home.
  14. Manziel, Barkley, Harvin. Keep the change.
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