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  1. Your late for 3rd period! Don't be tardy!!
  2. That is crazy talk! Poteet is good but our boys can beat them if they play to their abilities. Like Coach Hammack said in the paper " We need to respect them but not fear them!" I think it will be a good series. If we can get them to 3 games I think we have a good chance of winning!
  3. I am from SS and I wish Texas High all the luck in the world. If we can't win it all I hope that ya'll do! TH showed nothing but class both times that we played them in baseball this year. There are some wackos from SS posting nonsense on here and they need to stop. Our boys are just going to try and compete and beat Poteet! This nonsense about ten running them needs to stop! Good luck Coach Hammack! Good Luck to TH and Lindale!! Play well this week!
  4. Congratulations to Lindale! 11 4-A is pretty tough! SS v Poteet 1st game at Poteet Thurs. at 7:30. 2nd game at SS Friday 7:30. 3rd if need Sat. at Poteet. Probable pitchers SS- Brittan Diamond (Texarkana College) v. Poteet- Teddy Nowell (Oklahoma) Lindale v Mckinney North don't know times. Texas High v Highland Park don't know times.
  5. Final SS 7 Kilgore 2. SS hit the ball tonight. Kilgore made some errors that hurt them but SS hit the ball hard all night. Diamond pitched all 7 innings for SS. Sharpe was pulled in the 5th for Kilgore. The kid that came in did a good job of keeping SS off balance. Diamond was pretty tough tonight! SS gets Poteet next week. That will be a challenge, but you never know! Looks like 11 4-A teams represented tonight!!!
  6. SS vs Kilgore Friday 5/2/2008- 7:00pm Eagle Stadium Sulphur Springs. 1 game, winner take all! I have to go with SS in this one. Brittan Diamond will have 10 days rest and be on his own field. He will be hard to beat! Kilgore must have at least 1 pitcher because I think it was their coach that pushed for the 1 game matchup. Coach Hammack said Kilgore wanted to play in SS and let us be home team if he would agree to the 1 game format. The other choice was a flip and you might have had to still play 1 game at Kilgore.
  7. North Lamar gave SS all they wanted tonight. SS was lucky to escape with a win. Panthers hit pretty well just couldn't get the hits together. Diamond looked a little off tonight. He was able to get the outs when they counted though. NL shortstop hits the ball well! I think both of those umps missed a good game tonight!
  8. I was at the game and Horn must have really need a victory because they sent the assistant coach to scout the SS/Longview game so they new how to pitch SS batters. That seems a little silly for a game that doesn't mean much. The score is not a good read on SS either the starting pitcher had control problems and hit 4 batters in the 1st two innings and walked 4 others. Horn scored 8 runs in the 2nd inning. Then SS held them for most of the rest of the game. Then the relief pitcher got tired and gave up a some more runs on a 3 run homerun! I don't know that it was a no-hitter because Diam
  9. Great job Brittan and rest of the Wildcats. :happy65: Like to see Sulphur Springs kids representing the town well!! Sulphur is going to miss this kid after he graduates. Anybody know how they came out in the tournament?
  10. With Diamond on the mound Sulphur always has a chance to win, He was 5-1 in district last year and he is bigger and stronger now than last year. Heard he was clocked the other day by some scouts throwing 88-89 inside a gym in his sneakers on an artificial mound! They have Mabe as the 2nd pitcher and he is pretty good. The hitting will be the question.
  11. If he thinks he will get a bunch of carries he is dreaming! The running backs for SS over the last 2 years have averaged about 3 carries per game. They will not take away for Rollison's passing stats to give a running back the ball!!!!
  12. Sorry master I will ask you next time when and what time I can post. I have talked about SS on here for years just was sitting back enjoying the banter. I think others from SS have done fine expressing opionions.
  13. I think people from SS should get to talk some smack for awhile. I have read all week about how TH was going to knock our poor little country boys out!!! I think SS layed the wood to those city boys all night long. We have had to listen to how great and dominant the Tigers are for years now. How does it feel to be on the other side. I am with Oldskool. You NL Panthers better get on a new hero worship trip because we have dethroned the Champion!!!!!
  14. Not whining just stating what I saw! Refs were not very good! But they did not decide the game! I can state my opinion without you the master of the board putting me down!!!!
  15. SS played a great game!!! Make no mistakes the best team won!! Brittan Diamond is a stud!! His second touchdown was awesome!! TH best play was holding. They did really good at it all night!!! Refs never called it.
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