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  1. It's laughable that the Rangers brass didn't immediately relieve him of his duties. You should love the man, but there's absolutely no reason to tolerate the actions. How Nolan Ryan can put his stamp on this is unbelievable. As far as a replacement, take your pick of retreads or never have beens. Clint Hurdle, though not awe-inspiring, has actually accomplished something. That's more than Washington will ever be able to say as a manager.
  2. You're right. I'm sure half of those eight are devout Southern Baptists. And Muslim doesn't equal terrorist anymore than "white" equals "can't jump."
  3. According to the 2000 census, there were 8 individuals in Tyler County of Arab descent. http://censtats.census.gov/data/TX/05048457.pdf
  4. And most apparently don't read with context. For if they did, they would not seek every opportunity to spin the discussion a different direction.
  5. And let me be clear about what I feel about airport screening. I'm for screening every Middle Eastern person that is trying to step onboard an airplane. I'm also in favor of screening every White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Redneck. In other words, EVERYBODY should be screened. My issue from the very beginning has been with the blatantly inappropriate remarks made in the first post. Exaggeration or not, the comment was ridiculously stupid. I could think of many other analagous comments using Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics that would probably result in banishment if they were posted. These were allowed to stay and were supported, evidently, because everyone is supposed to fear the big, bad, Middle Eastern boogeyman. (The mere fact that I implied someone was a Redneck in this thread almost got me banished.) Hopefully, that was clear enough for all to understand as well.
  6. From the first page of this thread: If I see someone suspicious, and they're searching the 80-year old grandma instead of the suspicious, uh, DUH, no, I'm not kidding! So which is it?
  7. That's exactly the opinion that started this thread. Me, if I ever do fly again...If I see a Muslim or hear anyone not speaking English well, or hear a Muslim name, I'm going to scream and point, TERRORIST, TERRORIST While she was called out SOLELY on this statement, some of you have tried to turn this around and make it seem like no one wants stringent screening and profiling in airports. This thread has nothing to do with who should be screened, what the Koran says, not about carry-on luggage, and definitely not about a bald, white man attending an NAACP meeting.
  8. I'd say the tone Sensabaugh set with his non-play on Rice was exactly in line with his thoughts. His clueless coverage was a perfect example of "beat ourselves" and handed the Vikings all the points they needed.
  9. And with this, we now return to the topic that began all of this discussion. I don't believe anyone has had any objection to the "tips" that were posted in the original comment. If you fly more than once per year, you're a fool if you aren't already doing the things the author mentioned. The problem with the thread began with the blurb posted before the article. Here's the most ridiculous part of that blurb: "Me, if I ever do fly again...If I see a Muslim or hear anyone not speaking English well, or hear a Muslim name, I'm going to scream and point" Whether or not it was an exaggeration, it definitely qualifies as language meant to inflame. The fact that "most" or "many" of you continue to justify such blanket prejudice is astounding to me. Profiling passengers in an airport/airplane is one thing. Making a blanket statement about Muslims, people who don't speak English well, or have Muslim names is another.
  10. News flash!!!!!! Was on two separate flights this morning and noticed many Middle Eastern/Muslim types in the airport and on the plane. Last I checked, no airports were bombed, no planes were bombed, and no idiots yelled Muslim when they were walking through the airport. Guess that means that "many" or "most" people of this ilk are not terrorists. Surely one of them would've tried something if that was the truth. If any of you Einsteins would go back to where this started you would see the point I was making. I have no problem with these types being screened, and screened more harshly than a preacher from deep east Texas. I just think its pathetic that you people paint an entire race of people (Middle Eastern) with the same broad brush.
  11. Are you actually trying to argue a point or stir the pot? Did you take the time to read the prejudicial comments that started this thread? There's a big difference in maintaining secure airports/airplanes and blatant stereotyping like RedHead and Colmes favor.
  12. There is absolutely no common sense in the attitude you are defending. I believe it's an attitude born in fear.
  13. Abortion-clinic bombers are most often Christian. Should I then be scared of all Christian pastors and their congregation members? If I'm at Six Flags and see a youth group from Colmesneil, should I start shouting "There's the Christians!", "Somebody search them!"
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