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  1. Don't most of them break the rules anyway?
  2. I could be wrong but I think when Angel was at the helm they were in a little easier of a district. Pretty sure he wasn't here for the DD Days
  3. I am guessing no big names are going for this coaching gig. I remember the days when this was a great gig and they had all this talent. Guessing those days are done. Things come in cycles
  4. Pretty quiet in Wildcat Country. Surely someone knows a few people they are interviewing.
  5. So he just decided after all this time to leave without a job set up? We have all this success at Athens and we are gone? I can see leaving on your own terms but you normally have a job lined up I would think. There has to be an article in the Athens paper that would get us a little closer to the truth but honestly it really doesn't matter now.
  6. Burns was a man out there. I remember watching him play and he was a beast. Whatever happened to Burns?
  7. What a game!! It was a great game to watch and too bad anyone had to lose. Pretty sure PG will back to back.
  8. From what I heard from several people he Is a Back Door Man. It might be a rush at the time but will Get you in trouble every time
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