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  1. Gunter was better than I thought. They held up to those big guys. I was really surprised. Only East Texas team that has whipped them is Waskom. I don’t keep up with Gunter much but there offense looks like a hybrid of Waskom offense. If you can’t beat em join them.
  2. Y’all really don’t understand football. Football at the middle school level is all about blocking and tackling. It doesn’t matter what system you run. Every big school is going to have freshman teams and they will teach them everything they need to know. Hire Scott Ford y’all will love him
  3. I think that guy works at Waskom. Or maybe his brother does. I know I have heard that name
  4. I think it’s a great small school job
  5. I agree. Huge shake up. Gilmer and lee opening. Wow
  6. Wondering if highschool coaching searches happen like college. Do they contact who they want? Do they wait to see who applies? If I was a guy in charge I’d want to do my research and contact who I’d want. Just have never heard how it happens. Does surratt get calls each year? Why hasn’t he moved up? Why hasn’t keeling left? Few guys around here that haven’t moved up. Just curious
  7. Paul pewitt was the favorite to win our dist and they showed why. Down 30-13 and never gave up. I didn’t get to go but kept up with. Sounded like a heck of a game. Crazy thing is. Both teams are really young
  8. Matt Stepp and Carl Padilla are good at what they do. But they know as much as what the UIL is gonna do as I do. I bet if you research there projections over a 5 realignment period they are 60% correct. How much time do they spend on 2a div 2 teams? I bet not that much. I know last realignment Padilla had EF with newton. Here is my projection. See if I beat Padilla and Stepp EF Waskom Harelton New Diana Hughes Springs Daingerfield going with six team districts so that means queen city red water dekalb pewitt hooks
  9. Ef and waskom are going to be tough also. Troup is always good.
  10. It wasn’t yalls defense. It was our coach and offense. 5 not playing helped y’all way more than you will ever know. Neither one of us were beating pewitt anyway. We get to enjoy Thanksgiving now. Lol
  11. Not the way he played all year. We either threw it to him or ran him. # 4 was a surprise to ford on the offensive side until his mom and dad told ford. We had no other RB and they bottled up Ryan. Bells would have beaten Queen City and ore city in the dist.
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