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  1. 4 Seed Palestine beat 1 seed Jasper on Monday night.
  2. Coach Thompson came in for a year. His efforts in discipline and the off season training made a difference for several years to come. Coach Harrell followed that discipline and off season to have Palestine winning again. A Hall of Fame RB also added to that success! Coach Harrell left for Texas High position which was better for him, BUT he left the program in better shape than he found it, and left behind 2 of the best classes to come through Palestine in the last 20 years. The year Harrell left, Palestine dropped to 3A and played in the state semis, losing to Cuero. I'd rather not discuss that game!! That senior group and the sophomore group had plenty of talent and high quality coaches. They just needed a break here or there to get a ring. As far as who is next, I don't know. They will have a big task ahead of them this late in the year hiring both coordinators and position coaches. I biggest observation over the last few years of seeing wildcat football is: How do they get over the hump and win the one big game that changes their attitude? They have been one game away from making the playoffs the last two years I believe. Bad loss to Bullard kept them out a year ago, and then a heart breaking loss to Kilgore last year. At some point the mentality has to get changed. What was the difference in Carthage? Gilmer? Gladewater recently? etc. Those programs haven't always been state contenders year in and year out, but look at them now. 643out
  3. Definitely made things interesting with Center winning last night. It’s crazy to think this time next week there is the possibility of Carthage locked up 1st (which they have) then a 5 way tie for 2nd at 3-3. Now that would mean a Palestine win over Henderson and a Bullard win vs Kilgore but still a fun scenario. Henderson in no matter the outcome of any games next week?
  4. I brought in a Mickey D's drink but I walked in the side gate with the band using my pass. Sorry you had the issues at the gate, but thanks for always supporting the CATS. 643out
  5. Have you watched a high school game this year? 40second clock is new and has been used the entire season. 40 second play clock most of the time, unless there is an official stoppage or score, then it becomes a 25 sec play clock. Only question I had all night, why didn't Alto kick a field goal right before half? Turns out those points could have helped. 643out
  6. anyone gonna be at the game posting updates????
  7. I don't have a problem with an umpire giving a little off the plate. I actually prefer it, if they give a ball or 2 off. The biggest problem is when the umpire isn't consistant with it. I don't care how big or small the zone is, but just keep it the same the entire game, for both teams, regardless of the count. You don't hit a ball a foot off the plate very consistantly, but if the umpire is calling that a strike the entire game, you better do your best to foul it off when you get 2 strikes. Thats the only time you have to swing at that pitch. 643out
  8. \ Not exactly sure what he is losing, but I know there are several juniors. SS is junior, 1b jr, catcher jr, 3rd jr. He was head football/AD and resigned from that this month. I'm sure time and stress had something to do with that, just my opinion. I'm not knocking HS baseball program, they are good and have tradition. Definitely a good 2A job to have in East Texas. I was just saying that it appeared to be an even trade. Successful coaches, like Adair, usually don't leave unless they are looking to "upgrade" in jobs. And "upgrade" could be move up in classification, more $$$, etc. Just my thoughts. 643out
  9. No I was saying why would Adair leave Elkhart for HS. Is HS still playing this week? I know Elkhart is playing Queen City at Driller this week. That was the even trade I was talking about. Sorry you didn't understand my post, thought it was fairly clear. 643out
  10. I'd take Grienke. Wandy? already have 2 lefties in rotation. I'd take Roy O, if we needed a 2nd half boost, if it meant we weren't giving up solid prospects. Hate give up some of the ones we have in AA or AAA, to get an average #4 or #5 guy 643out
  11. Guess I'm on the outside looking here. I prefer Minute Maid. Went to a half dozen games at the dome. Liked it just fine but it was mid-late 80's then and dome was already run down. Not an Astros fan, just a fan of baseball when I went down there. My only gripe is parking.
  12. That ain't happening!! That would be an even trade AT BEST. 643out
  13. I thought because he didn't like his inside receiver and was trying to get Cov 2 corner to break him in half. 643out
  14. Story said homerless funk, so I thought you meant power #'s. You even old enough to remember Cal Ripken playing or you just looking up youtube videos? Or better yet, you know who he is from the MLB2K12 PS3 game? Here is my take/debate on Hamilton and a contract. Is he one of the most productive hitters in the league? I say yes. What is his market value? I'm not sure, because I have a hard time paying him the money he wants when he is injured and misses 30 games a year. I would hate to see him go, but can they extend other contracts and get 2 other players for what Hamilton is going to want? Just something to ponder 643out
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