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  1. Wow. Chunks of yardage every play for PG. LIKE 20 yards a play. At least
  2. Coach Gibson will get the Hawks back on track and should come away with a victory. We are banged up a little bit but should still have enough for Pittsburgh. 38-17 Hawks
  3. It’s homecoming for us too. I’d get there as early as you could.
  4. My son played Defense on that 2017 team. He was a senior. That 2017 senior class was just special. This years senior class seems just as special. Of course I’m going to say 2017 has the edge, but I firmly believe that if this team can win Friday night, the discussion has to be had.
  5. It’s close for sure, but the three best players for the Hawks were also on that 2017 team.
  6. PG in a very close game. I’d say 30-28. Agree with getting there early dog fans. I mean EARLY
  7. Chapel hill is much improved and is very Young. Playing a lot of FRESHMEN! PG will be too much in the end, but expect CH to score some points
  8. THis team is better than last year, but not 2017
  9. Atlanta will give us all we want in the first half. If memory serves me correctly, I thought they were beating us in 2017 at half time. I may be mistaken but Atlanta is always tough.
  10. Not all that much, but we run him some. He even played linebacker tonight. Harmon is a difference maker whenever he’s on the field.
  11. I’m sitting in my seat now. I’ll be here til game starts. GO HAWKS. JOKING, but man this has been a long offseason.
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