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  1. You’ll be hittin’ the Sonic up after all that second hand smoke floats over the Waskom crowd.
  2. Can you put the one for Pewitt and EF up?
  3. Dang it. Somebody should’ve went and checked on him.
  4. Seriously. Anybody go check on H3llrazor? It’s getting serious.
  5. Yeah you made mama. You just a good mama. That’s all.
  6. What I’d say? @BuffaLOadofcrap is the guy concerned about trains. Must live by the tracks. They can be annoying.
  7. He can do a documentary on the salacious activities there too.
  8. Friend of mine said he heard the HC’s nickname was Foxy. Idk. I like 30 Pack better myself.
  9. Anybody else got a HC with the nickname Foxy? Asking for a friend.
  10. @TTman7 better go light on these guys this week. They get a tad bit worked upped. And for the love of everything holy, no old lady jokes. No DeKalb women jokes of any kind.
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