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  1. Classy lady. RIP BigRedFan. Prayers to her family. Glad she witnessed a great season for the Red Raiders last season.
  2. Winny, MV, ATL, and friggin Celina for us.
  3. Lol. Still a hater I see. We beat Hooks last year. We will do the same this year. Daingerfield is the clear favorite imo too.
  4. In California you can kill your unborn child but you better not put down a stray cat or dog. Sad day when dogs and cats have more rights than unborn children.
  5. I thought they were a farming community for the most part. I wouldn’t think they had that mentality. I have no idea though.
  6. The Abdul Jabar kid is fun to watch. Not his name just reminds me of him with his goggles lol. Kid needs some groceries though. He’s gonna get pushed around at the next level. They got one white kid that looks like he’s on the team outta kindness. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Ole boy starts and starts popping 3’s like Byrd. They’re a fun group to watch. Their fans are almost as fun to watch too. They get into it. My mama is an Atlanta grad so they’re my 2nd favorite East Texas team.
  7. I think he was innocent with the whole Baylor scandal, but he sure is being picky after being exiled from the states. Nobody thought he’d ever be offered any job let alone a 6A Texas school. No major college will take a chance on him given this whole bs cancel and woke culture bs. Good grief Vince Vaughn is catching for shaking our Presidents hand and having a short conversation. I’ve read plenty of comments given the racial division in Tyler. One has to believe he’d get some CUJO athletes to come over to Lee.
  8. He wouldn’t want to run that offense there. Not with those athletes. I personally would love to see a superior athletic team run it. Like Gilmer or Daingerfield. I don’t think the fans would be happy with throwing it two or three times a game lol.
  9. He was a DC before coming here. He brought back the slot t because that’s what we have to run with our kids.
  10. That he is. He’s done a lot here. Our talent pool isn’t that deep. I can just imagine what he’d do at a program with a steady stream of top notch talent like a Gilmer. He will get his big break soon. Great man all around.
  11. Damn I mention Coach Abron and get two 2 negative votes? What’s wrong? Y’all aren’t like Grand Saline are you? Someone mentioned York. He works under Abron now. He could be y’all’s OC. I hope he stays at Pewitt for awhile but as a friend I’d like to see him get some looks from prestigious programs. Like a Gilmer.
  12. Shame kids have to grow up like that. Like another poster pointed out it’s crazy some are so used to it they video the event instead of bolting for the exit.
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