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  1. I can see that in cities with multiple teams in an ISD but not in small towns. Stadiums are packed to the breaking point on Friday nights. We love our teams and there’s not much else to do other than that. Coach Abron told me when he was at SS they played a Rockwall team. SS traveled well and had a nice crowd. The Rockwall side had about 20 or so fans. He said he felt bad for opposing teams players.
  2. Common sense is the source Bo. Damn man it’s Texas. They make movies and TV dramas about HS football.
  3. Open it up all the way. Schools, economy, restaurants, bars, and every other thing. Expose yourself. Build up a herd mentality. What’s the point in living if your hunkered down listening to fear mongers with an agenda. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone. When you were born you were issued an expiration date. Good Lord wants you He’s gonna take you. Wu Tang Virus or eating a tree from hydro planing. Does it matter? Living scared isn’t going to do anything but make it worse. I love telling you about infection rates going up, but fail to mention death rates dropping. Those immune systems are putting in work.
  4. The way CUJO got robbed from HP year before last let’s you know what they think. I don’t claim to know black culture cause I ain’t black. I am white though and can tell you about my race. There’s a helluva lot more racist white boys in polo shirts in cities than they are in these backwater towns in East Texas. Hard to be racist towards a dude you grown up with from K-12. Damn man. I grow chickens and raise cattle. I get my hair cut at the local black barbershop by my classmate. White barbers just can’t do bald fades.
  5. This is nothing more than paid agitators trying to get a response. Just another tool in the enemy’s bag of tricks. In case plan A (pandemic) falls apart they got a plan B (race war) in place. We peons ( all races cause they don’t give a about any of us ) do not need to take the bait. I don’t think we will have to worry about the antichrist, false prophet, and mark of the beast. Why? Well welcome to Mystery Babylon folks. We will be wiped off the planet before that takes place.
  6. Yes we have. Thank goodness. Can you imagine Barbara Bush or Hillary stark naked? I’ll be honest, if we seen Michelle naked I’d develop an inferiority complex. Gal has a kickstand if she ever gets tired. Damn near took out the cameraman on Ellen when that thing started swinging. Betcha Barack hadn’t had a loaf with a pinch mark in it for years. Not after taking that for 20 years.
  7. Liberal women are great. Just keep their mouth shut and their legs.... well you know.
  8. I bet as Mr Onassis was plowing away, he thought to himself, man Kennedy must’ve had one helluva sex drive to stray away from this piece of pie.
  9. The protest in the beginning was about police brutality, mainly to the detriment of black males. That was legit and I was all for it. Black lives do matter. BLM is an organization that has a nice sounding name but is a despicable organization oddly enough funded by white liberals. You know. Those whites Malcolm X warned the black man of way back in the 60’s. These protest went from being legit to stupid as hell in a mere few days. White boys in skinny jeans breaking poop. Like they know the plight of the black man. I’m not for taking down monuments, but I do see the logic in taking down Confederate monuments. I don’t agree, but don’t deny the negative emotions by the black community. Completely understandable. But damn, again liberal whites take advantage of the black man. Hijack that and all of sudden US Grant has to come down. Yeah. The guy that led the Union army. That guy. Liberal agitators with an agenda that doesn’t have jack to do with police brutality used the black man once again. JUST LIKE MALCOLM X SAID THEY WOULD DO.
  10. Skin tight wranglers are only necessary while riding horses. Keeps your boys from steadily bouncing on the saddle seat. While working a more loose fit is more comfortable.
  11. I’m with you on this Barry. If she’s gotta a pulse and ...... well that’s it. Just a pulse. I’m in there. Ya gotta knock out a few of those 4’s and 5’s to appreciate those 9’s.
  12. Gaw toe mighty!!! Can we get one day? Yeah all countries matter. That’s why we send aide to every damn one of them.
  13. I feel “privileged” that @ANTI quoted me 3 times. To me Longview is a BIG city, but hate to burst your bubble, the metroplex and Houston think you’re backwata. At least that’s what my family in Katy think. I’ve argued against it with them several times. You know city folk though, they can be arrogant as hell. Hey I’m tickled y’all won it in ‘18. I don’t align my self with any ideology. I’m conservative about some things and liberal about others. Happy to hear you’re not racist, you come across that way to me, that’s just my opinion. That opinion has changed, since I know your spouse is Caucasian. Have a wonderful 4th with your family and friends.
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