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  1. I never called you crazy. I’m right there with you.
  2. He might’ve been the Russian agent that allegedly pi$$ed on the President.
  3. There’s already a firm advertising representing people who were infected by a certain chicken company. Well two really. How would that even fly when the POTUS ordered them to stay open so the food supply chain wouldn’t be interrupted?
  4. I’m surprised California doesn’t have more cases. They’re nasty as hell out there.
  5. You gonna die from that fried chicken before the virus Barry. I’m just happy your crazy a$$ is eaten fried chicken. You’re my boy but sometimes I wonder if you eat tofu. This post made me feel good bud.
  6. The man deserves justice. There should be protest Dr King style. What the hell does looting Target have to do with justice for Mr. Floyd? These actions feed into negative stereotypes just like that cops actions feed into their own negative stereotypes.
  7. How do they run when they got their junk tucked between their legs?
  8. I hate CNN, but that cop needs to be put in general population. He will wish he never put his knee on that man’s throat when they shove something down his own throat.
  9. What in the hell did your mama’s doctor tell her to do with you?
  10. Shyt man. Trump doesn’t grab ‘em by the ###### no more. He dips his fries in them. Don’t be mad because he is a pymp Barry. His fat a$$ has had more a$$ than a toilet seat.
  11. There are no robot Barbies on MSNBC. Bull dykes maybe, but no hotties.
  12. You have the power to biatch about things. You’re almost superhuman at it too my friend.
  13. Maybe on to something. Especially since the deceased are overwhelmingly elderly. The elderly are people that should be cherished. Listened too and loved. To Communist, nothing is more important than the state. To them, elderly people are costly and contribute nothing to the state. Them deem them as a burden. They don’t want to knock off young healthy men and women they can stick into their factories, mines, and military.
  14. You’re a good dude. You’re almost as well mannered as me. I enjoy your post.
  15. Anybody else think @DaveTV1 is the nicest guy on SDC? My main man @BoHogg was clearly trying to get a rise outta some of us, but ole Dave just comes in and starts talking about given high fives after good shots. Gotta love him.
  16. Me or you done that it would be straight up murder. Threat was contained. He was no longer able to endanger anyone. Just pick him up and put him in the back of the car. Again, didn’t it say forgery in progress? Not exactly armed robbery in progress.
  17. Say he had no cause in the men’s death, he needs a little cage time for abuse of power. Hands cuffed behind his back. Laying face down on the ground. What the ### he gonna do? Bite the guys ankles? Hell there was plenty of back up there as well. Cops have a dangerous job. This kinda makes it even more dangerous. Fuels people’s passion about police brutality. You’d think 28 years after getting caught on a vhs tape police would learn to abstain from excessive force. They’re some straight up ’s out there with a gun and a badge. This guy is one of them. He makes the other 99% of police look bad and puts their lives in even more danger.
  18. Knee wasn’t on the back of the neck. It was cutting off blood flow from the mans right carotid artery. I’m all about the boys in blue, but there’s no defending this bull . I know forging a document isn’t a reason to lose your life. Some guys think that gun and badge make them invincible. Not all, but some. Hope this guys family gets paid and that cop gets thrown in general population.
  19. I agree with you, but it’ll never happen. The people are too divided. IMO it’s only going to get worse. People that are 60 years old and older are the only thing in the way of radical leftist change. As that voting block begins to die off its completely down hill.
  20. What about all that talk that states were reporting numbers higher than they were really for federal aid dollars? I don’t think anyone knows either way. Certainly not enough to cripple the entire world. Jmo
  21. Logistical nightmare for the secret service for any President to go to a voting station with the general public.
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