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  1. So I've been M.I.A past couple weeks whatever happened with that kid from hs that transferred?
  2. Yea but it seems like yall have bad 1st halfs every game with all the turnovers
  3. This gonna be a good game probably the biggest game in area. Dfield looking to avenge their playoff loss and asserting that they are a top team. Pewitt is looking to keep the momentum going and show that they deserve to be a top team. Going to be a head busting game down to the last second.
  4. From what I'm seeing is he had a heart attack and they were doing cpr on the field and just heard an update that he is doing good
  5. I'm looking for a good competitive game to watch on live stream tonight anyone have any?
  6. This could be a good one dekalb lookin to be a good team
  7. Everyone does a great job on the broadcast. It is what I use to watch the games. Lance and Jerry do a great job commentating. Sib does a great job keeping everything going.
  8. You're probably right but ill be pulling for them to squeeze into playoffs
  9. But the biggest news story in yalls district is qc 3-0!
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