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  1. Paul pewitt 2020 schedule Winnsboro Atlanta Mount Vernon Celina District play Hooks Chisum DeKalb Daingerfield Prairiland Redwater
  2. I think if pewitt can have those 8 min drives like they did against eb they can win this one. Gunter is very good and very disciplined we have to bring our A game all 4 quarters. My prediction is 22-15 pewitt. Go Bulls let's bring this title home!!
  3. Coffee taste better sunshine is a little brighter and the colors are little more vibrant lol
  4. I know what you mean those celebrations are the greatest feelings in the world. You also should have seen the stands I thought they might collapse there for a little while lol
  5. Lol that's abron the head coach. One of the other coaches clocked his 40 on the film and got it at about a 4.88
  6. Yea tried keeping it civil but some people just wanna argue I guess. They dont believe that our o line averages 300 pounds and can move pretty good for some big fellas
  7. Lol I th think eb fans are scared of smoaky. They are staying on the fox sports southwest chat.
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