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  1. DK by 6 Daingerfield by 50+ Hooks by 7
  2. This week games will tell alot about the district. It will start putting pressure on some teams.
  3. De Kalb takes pewitt this year in another hard fought tough game. Hoping for a injury free game. Go BEARS
  4. DK BEARS will be in another hard fought game. If we come out and play ball like we can we should be ok but if not it will be a dog fight
  5. Definitely will stay faithful to my beloved BEARS.
  6. Thanks man ... we are a small team but those guys will get after you. Good luck to the cards and stay injury free
  7. Let's keep it rolling BEARS … good luck to both teams
  8. I'm hoping my BEARS can keep it rolling … Good luck to both teams
  9. My BEARS will get back on track this week. Lets go De Kalb we got this
  10. Dfield will be the best team/defense that we have played but Jackson is a special kind of runner. He can run past you or over you. He might not have a 2 3 or 400 yard game against the tigers but if they blink or take him lightly he put 500 on them. Looking forward to a great injury free game
  11. Looking forward to watching a great game. My BEARS are going to play hard just hope they can get the job done. Good luck to and hoping for a injury free game from both teams.
  12. Ive seen both teams play. LK by 40pts or more
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