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  1. It has already started on Texarkana Gameday's Youtube channel.
  2. Ole boy has a problem with leveling kids away from the ball, doesn't he? Can't say I fault him for this one though, I pulled the same kinda #### in my playing days. I'm a firm believer that if the whistle hasn't blown, you better keep that head on a swivel. Haha IMG_0554.MOV
  3. The lack of respect for the Atlanta, Tatum, and Gladewater programs is letting your newness show. Anyone that's been paying attention for a while would show some respect to the teams that have given us a fair share of beat downs over the years.
  4. I agree with this a hundred percent. We'll never know what was going through his mind in the moment. That's a lot of emotion for an 17-18 year old kid to process, and so many young guys just don't have the emotional intelligence to handle such a heavy load this early in life. For what it's worth, #99 definitely gets benefit of the doubt from me.
  5. Chancellor Vitter just sent an email to the student body saying that the school plans to "vigorously appeal the 2018 postseason ban."
  6. Only rising seniors are eligible to transfer without sitting, so if Shea bolts he's gonna have to sit.
  7. Commando (1985) "You know where you gonna end up? In the gas chambers. You know what the gas chambers smell like? Pine oil. That's where you headed, pine oil heaven."
  8. Hawks will seal the deal on the first undefeated regular season in school history with a decisive victory over the bears. It's senior night, so I definitely don't see our boys having a let down this week. Hawks by 21+.
  9. I stand corrected. You learn something new everyday. Well done on your timely fact checking. ;)
  10. Come on now, pretty much the entire sport of football is a red card in soccer. Bad argument. While I've never actually looked up this rule, I've never seen it called. However, I have seen many kickers make touchdown saving tackles by utilizing the slide tackle. I would be willing to bet a dollar or two that a slide tackle or a "trip" is completely legal.
  11. Slide tackling or tripping the ball carrier are legal in football. From my point of view it didn't appear that his spikes were up. Spikes down = clean play.
  12. I don't know because I haven't attempted to figure out the mobile platform. I would assume that this a profile setting, so if you're able to fix it on your PC, I would think that it would transfer to the mobile site as well.
  13. Click on "unread content" near the top right of your screen. Then click on the "read status" tab near the center of the page, and you can adjust that setting there.
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