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  1. Kinda like what comes outta Caddo Packing.... "Wood Pecker Lips"
  2. Just saw the EF QB is in the top 3 in Rushing In East Texas with over 800 yards...
  3. Jett How is Quinn Johnson doing this season so far?
  4. Best of luck EF... accidentally voted for The Wildcats in the poll, but hey maybe that will be a little more motivation.
  5. Man oh man the only thing that’s changed on The Ol Smoaky Forums Page is the new members.... the smack talk is almost as good as it was back in 06-07... Good Times I miss it. Best of Luck to EF this week, fun reading about the success of the EF players that I have known since they were in peewee ball. GATA Jackets!
  6. Man SJ Every school needs a few transfers (in) just ask Tatum or Gilmer....LOL. Hate to hear that about the ones leaving......Good luck tonight GO EF.
  7. Rock sounds like things are tough this year over in EF. I told you, lowman and others a couple of years ago that the tide was turning when other schools in the district started taking transfers..... sounds like the prediction has come true. Best of luck to the SR players and the rest of the team this Friday.
  8. LOL..HSFF u know it's all in good fun but man 4 life might as well take a Midol.
  9. Man if you cried anymore I would think it was that time of month for you.
  10. The guy has my Vote....also didnt SL1KK win SDC Heisman back to back?
  11. Frank tha guy was the best at Smack Talk a true Hall of Famer!
  12. Bring back SLIKK from D Field!
  13. Maybe not the best but you have to put him in the mix. Not sure what game u saw him play in this year EB since the Eagles played all the way up to regionals but he is a difference maker. His numbers are good and with a total of 46 Td's through 14 games thats a average of 3.3 Td's per game. Not sure about you but I would like to have that average on my team.
  14. Spear might not be the answer but you cant argue with his numbers over 3,000 yards of total offense 46 Total TD's 1,146 Yards Rushing 2,127 yards passing
  15. EB ain't even from EB. He talks about his team using words like "They" . I know when I talk about our team I say "The Jackets or We" and besides when is the last time u heard someone from region 4 use the term y'all. It's probalby Ol Lambo or better yet JJ. Norman said it earlier we gotta put a hat aka tackle 10.
  16. Right on my brotha right on......I still say that is the best SDC post of all time. "I got 2 cold beers and some styrofoam" instant classic!
  17. Music to my ears.....first ddddooooooowwwwwwnnnnnn or my personal favorite with about 2 minutes left in the 4th......Touch DDddddoooooowwwwwnnn! Lowman we might need to coin that phrase.
  18. Tell'em lowman......as much as he heard it back in 07 and the past couple of years u would think he would remember.......but hey he was probalby lookin to c if someone was grabbin another players crotch or something.
  19. I was in HS earlier today and stopped by their practice. I can honestly say they are good. They are fast and execute their plays really well. The way they shoot the J and move the basketball up and down the court looks to me like they are more than ready.
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