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  1. Beckville at #6 and Joaquin at #2? Did those two teams not play each other three weeks ago with Beckville winning that game? Class 1A is all wrong.... Alto #1 Groveton #2 Tenaha #3 Beckville #4 Joaquin #5 Lovelady #6 Grapeland #7 Carlisle #8 Union Hill #9 Overton #10
  2. I think everyone is misinterpreting what JJ is saying.... I gather that he is disappointed that the season has turned out this way.... He knew going into this season that if they had to turn to Romo it meant either Bledsoe was hurt, or the season wasn't going as well as they had hoped.... I don't think that he has a problem with Romo starting, I think it's more of him being upset that the season has been the way it has and that they are having to change QB's.... How many teams bench their starting QB and turn it over to a rookie (he's virtually a rookie on the field) and win the Su
  3. It's a projection based on Week 8.... It's going to change every week, just give it time, it will all come together....
  4. I was just jacking with you Slikk1803.... That is part of the fun.... Putting yourself out on the line and taking the heat for it.... Good sports writers/broadcasters must have tough skin, because everyone gets criticized for everything they do!
  5. You can always do your own projections.... Don't knock people who are doing that because they want to.... And I don't see why anyone would say Van can't go 3 or 4 rounds deep.... I've seen them in person, and I think they are a very good football team that is capable of making a deep run.... But just like any other team (as the before mentioned Longview proved in 2005) they could flame out in the 1st round!
  6. This is an open and shut case..... LUFKIN PANTHERS.... The town shuts down during games! And this is not a town the size of Quitman or Carlisle, or any other small schools.... One of the biggest towns in East Texas is empty during Panther games! It's part of life in Angelina County!
  7. Paul McGuire, I'm sorry, Dan does basketball for CBS I think....
  8. I know one of those guys over there, and he probably would have picked Longview to win it all!!! But that site hasn't been up for a football season yet, this is their first one! I talked to the guy I know over there, they said they will update them every week based on how things go on Friday nights!
  9. Is it only because New Boston isn't winning a state championship? lol!!! I think for the most part that is pretty accurate.... It's only a projection, I think they are going to change those based on the outcome of each week from here on out....
  10. Down with Joe and Tony.... Tony is horrible on TV and I wish LT would have broke both of ol' #7's legs.... Keep Mike Tirico and bring in Dan McGuire.... Those two know their football.... And keep the celebrities out of the booth!
  11. Yeah, Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman were about as worthless as Clint Stoerner and Ryan Leaf....
  12. Everyone keeps talking about rules being broken, but if Beckville didn't break any rules, then how can you punish them? Breaking a rule means that you do something you know is wrong or illegal.... If they were told it was legal, then they didn't break any rules.... The problem here is that there was not a district meeting apparently to decide the eligibility of the two players involved, the chairman did it on his own.... He should be punished for making the wrong decision.... I blame the parents of these children if they have falsified reports to prove their eligibility, Beckville ISD
  13. I'll say it was the Palestine/Rusk game in 2004.... 14-13, Rusk wins on a 2 point conversion as time expires!
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