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  1. Which district is that? Whatever districts those 4 are from that’s what districts you’re seeing there. Lol
  2. It took longer for 10,000 people to clear the stadium and parking lots after that Henderson/Kilgore playoff game then for 100,000 people to clear the stadium and lots in Arlington after a Cowboys game. Not joking or exaggerating.
  3. Whitehouse visitor side is better than the home side.
  4. Henderson non-district is: Hallsville Gilmer Jacksonville Spring Hill Scrimmages are Nac and Center
  5. Henderson non-district games are: Hallsville Gilmer Jacksonville Spring Hill Scrimmages are Nac and Center
  6. Henderson is pretty good this year. They would have their hands full with Paris but could probably handle any of the others from that district.
  7. See #7 ... @moochdixon vs Crandall (Round 2) ... https://www.instagram.com/tv/B5qxzffBF_t/igshid=1elj9q37mxa6r
  8. Henderson did what Henderson does a lot. Took what should have been a fairly comfortable 14-21 point win (this time up by 15 starting the 4Q) and turned it into a nail biter. They usually have to sweat it out but still win by 1-7 points in games like that but this game and the Van regular season game last year it bit them when they didn’t finish the other team off when they had them down and kept giving them chance after chance those two games the other team took them and won. Which blows because even though some people, maybe most people outside of Henderson and Carthage, get bored or tired of it being those 2 year after year Carthage would have still been favored this time by probably 10-14 points but it would have been the best game between them since the 2 they split in 2016.
  9. Harlington = Hardly Arlington (Grand Old Prairie) lol
  10. If Clay and Rocky flipped for it and won what choice would the other coach have? There’s not a lot of coaches more accomplished and powerful than Surratt and he’s going for a long ride and back tonight for a home game for Lumberton. And that really is Lumberton’s home field. Henderson is close (9 miles) but isn’t actually Carlisle’s.
  11. Let’s go Carlisle. Since Mount Enterprise lost last night, Carlisle wins longest playoff run in the county by at least one day but hopefully more. Last week was the first time Henderson lost a 1st round/Bi-District game since 2003. The winner here plays SA or Normangee (probably SA since Calpreps prediction for that game is SA 60 - Normangee 12.) Where would SA vs Carlisle or SA vs Harleton probably play? A couple years ago Carlisle and SA played in Carthage about the 3rd or 4th round. I keep waiting on Carlisle to play one in Henderson. Was thinking maybe the hadn’t because it’s too close but guess not since they are letting a lot of teams play home playoff games now.
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