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  1. Nick Martin from PG #6 is a stud linebacker!
  2. Great season Gilmer! This is now a great football rivalry. PG always had great athletes but now they have a great coach/mentor who believes and loves these kids. Gilmer has great kids this should be fun for years to come.
  3. Not a lot of Gilmer fans talking now! Hope they like round ball!
  4. It’s over PG is just to much for Gilmer. There defense is gassed!
  5. PG wins this one Pulling away in the second half. The confidence is strong with the Gilmer fans, but PG has to much overall. It all starts with the QB and no one has a better one than #10 for PG. 4 D1 players on the defensive side of the ball and another on the offensive side. Hawk Nation is going to soar once again Friday night in Longview.
  6. Going to be a great game, but PG will be to much in the end.
  7. It’s fixin to be a blow out! 21-0 still I. First quarter
  8. Playing at the star is like a home game for PG. PG rolls in this round.
  9. Gilmer wins this one. They are better than last year, but I still don't see them getting past PG later on.
  10. This is going to be a great game. Cuero has a couple of stud athletes and PG plays as one. Don’t get me wrong PH has playmakers on both sides of the ball. This will come down to turnovers and this is where I think PG has the advantage.
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