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  1. ed3

    Death at the LE vs. PG game

    Sorry for your loss, Will be praying for you and your family.
  2. ed3

    Gilmer-Spring Hill

    Spring Hill...
  3. ed3

    Gilmer- Gladewater

    I must have miss read the stats. Because GW can't run on Gilmer that is whay everyone said. 308 yards rushing for GW Davis had 225 and 3 td's
  4. ed3

    Gilmer- Gladewater

    Gladewater didn't know they didn't stand a chance. It was supposed to be a blowout.
  5. ed3

    Gilmer- Gladewater

    Really colleges only recruit from teams with good offensive lines?
  6. ed3

    Gilmer- Gladewater

    Pay no attention to him he is a Gilmer homer.
  7. ed3

    UT out of Top 25

    OU should have fallen.
  8. ed3

    Gladewater vs. Gilmer

    You really shouldn't use the JOKE. That is Longview News Journal to make your point
  9. ed3

    Gilmer- Gladewater

    Your team winning has nothing to do with you. Making #### comments on all other teams threads
  10. ed3

    Gilmer- Gladewater

    You calling someone a homer? Thats funny!
  11. ed3

    Christine O'Donell

    Unless it's Obama
  12. It's funny when one person doesn't agree with another. Or roots for his team he is a teeshirt fan.
  13. ed3

    Tatum @ Atlanta

    You can be banned for that?