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  1. Stating facts is not dragging them down.
  2. Good luck hes going to need it ......jk. hes getting a good group. Should be just fine this year. After that who knows.
  3. I'm not sure where you got this info from.but daingerfield had a three peat and not on there. No telling what else is missing.
  4. Let's go pewitt. Bring another one back to Morris county!!! Let's gooo
  5. This is going to be a great championship game with two teams I have much respect for. I'm calling a pp 1 point win. 22-21. Bring back that trophy for morris county!!
  6. There's always that few. But most of us are all for pewitts success. #morriscountystrong dont let the morons ruin it.
  7. I'm tired of hearing dfield fans complain about the refs. Yea I think there were bad calls,but we should had never put ourselves in a position to where bad calls determines the game,when your up like we were. Go win state pewitt.
  8. Hope pewitt wins it all.no sore loser here. We in bball now baby lmao
  9. I want a Tiger win. But more importantly I want a Injury free game for both sides. I will be rooting the victor of morris county on all the way to the ship. I'm super proud of morris county. #morriscountysrong. May the best team win.... let's get it.
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