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  1. Hey man what waskom has done so far is good. I'm just saying they haven't had much competition. But good teams do what they are supposed to no matter who they play,and waskom has done that. This week will be a more fair assessment for me to go by.
  2. I mean they have literally only played teams with a losing record.and beating their chest lmao.
  3. Make it that far first and we will see. I know we will be there.
  4. Your delusioal.you do realize we already beat ef,and played a horrible game. Were hitting our stride now. I would love nothing more than to be the team to send yall packing. Take care of your business and you'll get your shot.
  5. I personally like 13 in the backfield. He brings the elusiveness.
  6. I agree. Its wide open.i just hope whatever team makes it is Injury free to be able to compete with the rest. It's by far the best,hardest region to win.
  7. It wont be by waskom. .yall bout to lose to ef
  8. Who cares. Dfield gonna run the region anyway.they can battle it out for 2nd
  9. Hoping to see 4 full quarters with minimal mistakes. Playoffs are coming we need to work the little kinks out that can take us to the next level.
  10. Dont judge by other games or common opponents. Look what we did to pewitt last night and they beat atl,and dekalb worse than us... ef by 8
  11. I totally agree about getting him better protection.
  12. Daingerfield second half is on another level this year.if we put together two halfs,no one stands a chance in d2
  13. Hate to say I told you so...but...I told you so
  14. We are going to blow the doors off this second half. Two dropped touchdowns, and one called back. Second half is about to get ugly.you heard it here first.
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