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  1. What a great match up this is!! I expect a great game! Praying for no injuries and great sportsmanship!! GO HAWKS!
  2. ^ This +1 They most definitely see Athletes every day. And speed, Lets just say we have it too
  3. Our freshman will get scores on y'all in the third quarter. Starters pulled at halftime
  4. Not really, he wasn't out of the backfield very often before he had three guys on him
  5. Good luck to both teams. Matchup with us on the line. Prayers for an injury free game!
  6. You guys need to look into the electrical. The lights all went off right before the start of the game :) Other than that, very nice field.
  7. If #16 for Pitt plays, then Pitt wins easily
  8. Slow start, but our boys pulled it together at halftime. Coach made great adjustments. They started containing the edge on defense and that took away those sweeps. Pitt played a great game, and they had a great game plan for our offense. You can tell they are well coached and #16 and #28 are two of the best athletes we have seen all year. Pitt will make some noise in the playoffs.
  9. PG got off to a slow start. Atlanta loaded the box and forved us to throw. We did and it opened up the running game. PG wasnt 100% healthy either. Starting wingbackl and safety were out. Plus 2 offensive lineman. Atlanta had a great gameplan
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