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  1. I pray you’re right! Don’t think I can take another game like last week!
  2. Tough run this year, KDogs. Looking forward to y’all being back to normal next year! With your upcoming talent, you’ll be good to go next year!
  3. Good luck, Blue! Your friends in Carthage are cheering you on!
  4. I still get anxiety thinking about the 2016 team!
  5. Congrats C Dawgs! Great way to go out for Senior night- the last time this group will play at Bulldog Stadium!
  6. Just curious... did henderson pull any starters at anytime during those games?
  7. I’m not sure my heart is ready for another playoff season like that one!
  8. And I believe Hendo will be the best defense we have seen. We’re gonna have to step it up for sure. But Surratt and Preston will have dem Dawgs ready!
  9. Dave Campbell Round 1 Predictions What do you think?
  10. Add in 24 as well! Think he did a good job last night
  11. Our O was awful Friday night. Didn’t play our caliber of Dawg Football at all. That being said, looking forward to seeing how y’all fare in the rest of the district games. We’re glad you’ve joined the Doom! Best of luck to the Vandals- a good addition to DOD
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