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  1. I wasn’t, Gilmer was dominated the whole game except for 2 pass plays that were mis-judged by Carthage secondary.
  2. So the 41 points PG had against Argyle. (trash time or not) not a good offense? Has anyone else scored that many on Argyle this year? Not that PG ever threatened to win game, but, PG never let up, unlike the game with Carthage. Totally different look after halftime (which it was tied). If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t it 28-0 Carthage in first quarter against Gilmer?
  3. Yes. PG will be streamed on Texarkana Gameday on YouTube
  4. PG defense will do fine against the offensive air attack of Gilmer. They are not world beaters. And all Gilmer fans are quick to say that PG secondary won’t hold up against the Gilmer receivers. But, do you really think Gilmer QB will have time to make those throws? Landon will be missed tremendously, but we will still get pressure on BT. The real question is, will Gilmer Defense make enough stops on PG’s running offense to offset the time of possession and clock eating drives. I don’t see it. Gilmers run defense is suspect, and I don’t believe PG will have to pass to win.
  5. PG will still beat Gilmer next Friday, don’t see Gilmer stopping the run. PG Secondary is playing better than earlier in year with some changes.
  6. I watched the game twice Last week. Neither team Carthage or PG was showing many cards during the game. Very Vanilla play calling. PG did look like a totally different team (uncharacteristic for PG) when they came out after the half though. You can’t make those kind of miscues on a team like Carthage!
  7. Gilmer will not beat PG, period. Gilmer would fall behind WOS, maybe even farther!
  8. Can you imagine if they stayed together, and Ben started coaching. The knowledge he’d get from Surratt and Gibson. That would be awesome!
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