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  1. Can you imagine if they stayed together, and Ben started coaching. The knowledge he’d get from Surratt and Gibson. That would be awesome!
  2. We beat Frisco at Toyota Stadium the second year. This will be 8th time to play at Star. PG is 6-1 there.
  3. PG did it twice last year, Gilmer and then Pitt. It can happen
  4. Pleasant Grove and Sunnyvale Regional Semi-Finals @ The Star in Frisco 11/29 7:30 PM
  5. Pulling for our district brothers! Gonna be a tough one, but I have faith SH can pull it off. Connelly’s RB and Qb are very good, but as I remember from last years game against PG, they don’t do well with aggressive defenses. Hit em early and often and by the second half they won’t want the ball. Good luck! Go Panthers!
  6. LE and Pitt are usually pretty salty, and would probably pummel most of WO dist, even this year. Be careful what your spilling there.
  7. Along with PG, defense will be one of the best in State.
  8. PG Hawks at Home this first round. Finally won a coin toss
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