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  1. I'll just repeat myself, anyone can be beaten by anyone else on any given Friday. What you got to say about that
  2. Anyone can be beaten on any given Friday. I just don't think we get beat this Friday
  3. I agree it can't get here fast enough. I have several nieces and nephews that lives and went to school there. Hope to see a few there
  4. I pick Joaquin, Garrison, Timpson. Joaquin and Sville will be a good game they always play Joaquin hard and it is at their house. S. A. Will be interesting just to see who may make it to the playoffs.
  5. Game day. Go Rams. I pray for no injuries to either team and safe travels to and from the game for the fans.
  6. I am going with sa this week just think it's their night
  7. Like I said all liberals lie. You just proved my point
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