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  1. Good to see a Shelbyville poster on here. Joaquin will win.
  2. Joaquin by at least 1 but probably 14. Unless they can't stop the run then it could get ugly
  3. Turn overs and starting with a false starts penalty nearly every first down don't help like last week either. But y'all have some big boys and good athelets on y'alls team. And I loved how they came out with two US flags and two Texas flags and knelt in the end zone. Much respect for them
  4. Not looking forward to. Good luck to y'all, and hope no one gets hurt on either team
  5. I just pray for both teams safety and no injuries. Good luck to both a d God Bless you all
  6. As a fan it feels like I lose every bye week
  7. That is if they can stop moving on first down
  8. Don't you mean papooses instead of pups
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