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  1. Think Joaquin will be there with them, but they are the champs until they are beaten
  2. Pulling for mour brothers from Tenaha but I'm thinking Mart wins
  3. Yes it happens. We have a very young team and they out preformed our expectations. I think next year we will be better. That said we didn't have a defence when it was needed.
  4. Getting close to time for kickoff. I pray no injuries to either team and safe travels for the fans of both teams. Go Rams
  5. It's my hope the boys don't look past Carlisle they will be ready to play
  6. Thanks to all my brother vets for your service. And for the support of our friends and family that supported us. Without their support it would have been almost unbearable.
  7. I remember all of them. Not much fun with alto and big sandy but still like the venue
  8. You can bet us rams would never underestimate you injuns. We have had some good battles in the past and I believe this will be another one. And I hope and pray that all of your kids are healthy for the game.
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