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  1. Who has the AD job there? Another coach or principal?
  2. They did give the job to a fairly young first time head coach. He won a district championship and never missed the playoffs. They ran him off and his entire staff with him. Past couple years have been better though.
  3. Heard the new guy over in Brownsboro might be applying.
  4. I get that. Any ideas who can get that s show turned around? Heck at this point they may be lucky to get Oakes. Seems part of LO's problem is overvaluing the caliber town and job it is.
  5. The mention of Oakes made this guy so mad he created an account....
  6. The thread is "Brownsboro AD/HFC" if Connot is the Brownsboro AD/HFC then talking about him and the Brownsboro job is one in the same.
  7. This is ridiculous to think any good candidate is going to wait around that long. Not to mention you have cut time with the athletes in half, and put off the ability for him to hire people. Already waited until February to make this change happen even though it had to be planned for a while. Dysfunctional doesn't start to describe this place, all dating back to the original split of AD/HFC.
  8. If this kid doesn't qualify for an age waiver I don't know who does. The UIL is a joke.
  9. "Kat maxpreps" search leads to Kat Vega's girls basketball profile. Says she's a senior. Maybe an early graduation is the plan? Would still be kind of late for her to get over to Atlanta. 2.0 points per game. Questionable hire.
  10. So no connection with any big time Fields? Don't think Jack Hetherington will be happy about this one.
  11. Anything about him?
  12. I hear they are requiring a picture to be attached to every resume. Not sure why....
  13. From what I hear discipline is the key issue in Atl. Basic things like attendance to practice. Makes me think outside hire if true. This is a good job but has its challenges. Maybe some unreal expectations. The "athlete" pool that is bragged about so much about in Atl may be running a little shorter than normal. Since they've dropped to 3A they haven't done anything spectacular in any sport including the glorious track program. Basketball may finally make a run on the back of a 5 star's senior year. Potential is there and this is a great job, but it won't be a magic fix. Need someone to come
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