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  1. Haven't been paying much attention. Is the Highland Park fan that calls plays for them still around? Did Linden hire him? Did Highland Park? Just looking for the important answers.
  2. I agree. Watched the SA game. Know what's going on and at least try to keep their emotions out of the game.
  3. MV. had a little trouble with Rains speed. May be a closer game than people think. May have to tune into the live stream for a half. Does Commerce have a live stream? Mt. Vernons is terrible. Have to watch it muted.
  4. Atlanta will be too athletic and WO will look slow compared to who they've been playing. WO keeps it respectable and has a chance late but don't see it happening.
  5. Don't see Mineola stopping Winny all night. Think Winny wears them down and keeps that stud RB on defensive all night for Mineola. 28-14 Winny.
  6. Or they could just play week one of the playoffs...
  7. WOW! Has the school confirmed this or is it rumors?.... Kaufman (I believe) cancelled the Henderson game because Henderson had 86 kids positive in a 4A. 200 kids? Rains may have to ask themselves if they should put their kids in that situation. MV obviously doesn't care.
  8. Is it blind optimism or is Atl that close to being good? I haven't seen them live so serious question. If they can at least play close against LE, I think they roll into WO ready to gain some momentum if the potential is there.
  9. This might have been asked, but is there a way to live stream?
  10. They'll sweep it under the rug in time to play. Briles might not be missing any practice time...
  11. Thanks. For some reason I had in my head that they were a WingT team. Thought it might be an old school battle.
  12. I don't know if this was already asked. Was White Oak able to practice or did they completely shut down?
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