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  1. Wow!!! You ain't never lying!!! Doesn't get much better than that!!!
  2. No, wish I was down there!! That's a nice part of the state and some good hunting too!! I'm up here in north eastern part of the state.
  3. Iowa Park used to be a perennial power. Long time ago (late 60's early 70's) I believe they won state twice and were usually very good. Don't have a clue what they have now but I can't see them competing with PG.
  4. LOLOL!! Sorry, I never heard of the show!!! I don't watch much of the garbage that is on tv now. My screen name is the same name as my small refuge from the world. I call it "one tree hill" because of the obvious, it has one large oak at the top of the hill. Names on the gate too!!! If you ever pass by come on in, I will just about always have a pot of coffee going!
  5. In other words, no, you have no clue who is responsible for not moving the game. "Talk" on the street doesn't equate to the truth. I have absolutely no "dog in this hunt" but just hate it when people start talking trash about a coach with no basis what so ever. You, nor anybody, but the coaches involved knows that information.
  6. Just curious, how do you know that the decision to not move the game was his? (Other than seeing it on Smoaky)
  7. Not for me, I am retired. Thank goodness! It really is "for a friend" this time.
  8. Anybody got any insight on what Normangee has coming back or how the sub varsity teams looked this year? Asking for a friend!
  9. That is by far the best case scenario. Those folks are hard to come by and highly valued by the AD. Putting fires out and being loyal to the AD are also some things a good Jr. high Co-ordinator should be good at!!
  10. What their responsibilities are will be completely up to the AD. They can be just about anything that will help the AD lighten the load that he has on his plate.
  11. Not as common in the smaller classifications but I have seen some. Usually it's just a way to give an extra stipend to get a coach to stay or help the AD hire someone. Normally their duties would include making sure the schedules are correct, parents have information as needed, inventory of equipment etc. etc. Sometimes they also get an extra "conference" period to take care of extra responsibilities. THAT makes the position very appealing. One less class prep is very nice.
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