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  1. What happen to Stewart and Anderson for T-High?
  2. We just glad to be here after the way we started. I believe our district will make some noise this week. If we contain their backs, I like our chances but they have to do the same with us. Sneed is a big boy and will get his! We keep it close we got a shot to knock of the jackets.
  3. The other back is Kinney. We just got him back the Sabine game and it had a huge difference for sure. I believe we have what it take to take down minny but it will not be easy. We have to play solid team ball and team tackle the big backs they have.
  4. This will be a interesting game. Mineola backs will be the best duo we have faced this year. I like the way we are playing right now and think we will make it very interesting. We have everyone healthy for the first time the last three games and it has shown. Mineola is going to be a very tall task to beat but I have a feeling we will be ready. I will take my Rabbs in a close one.
  5. The winner gets mineola I believe.
  6. We need to win. Jefferson and Atl always have good battles. The only advantage we have is it being home field.
  7. That’s why you don’t poke at the bear.
  8. So how is the district shaping up?
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