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  1. the 12th man on both sides of the ball.
  2. Football season with y’all will be fun for sure. @Eagleborn
  3. O now we have a genius... but enjoy it anyway.
  4. Game was 43-42 when Collins foul out.. not blaming facts are facts. Good luck to the eagles until football season
  5. The refs took down ATL. But hope you and Jefferson both make it to the regional finals.
  6. Hooks 59 winnsboro 47 Mt. Vernon 38- Dekalb 32
  7. Atlanta 59 Paris Chisum 34. Rough shooting night for Rabbs. Chisum Great season
  8. Have time and date been set for game?
  9. Y’all played pretty close early in the season... how you think you all match up now?
  10. Congrats! It could be us and Tatum meeting in second round if we both take care business.
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