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  1. He is. Heard he could be coming on as the OC for the rabbs
  2. Coming out of region 2 Tatum was battle tested and the state championship was played in the regional finals IMO.
  3. Atlanta returns to the regional semifinals for the first time in 25 years. congrats to coach Boston and the rabbits ! Got a very tall task in Madison.
  4. I personally like the hire and time will tell.
  5. Awesome accomplishment for this young man!
  6. Atlanta vs Winnsboro Monday @ 6pm at Hughes Springs high school gym.
  7. If you want to see him for yourself, Atlanta will be in action Monday vs Winnsboro at Hughes springs. Was a good game a few years ago in the first round and I expect it to be another one.
  8. They did and we were up at the half. You all had a big 3rd qtr that sealed the deal. Only way that we will see you all is the region final and that will be a tough road for us.
  9. Atlanta was also without 4 players (3 starters) when we lost to Tatum 62-53 at your place . Which we had to clear the gym. So you pretty much played Collins and Dickerson and our JV.
  10. Heard they scrimmage pretty good again PG yesterday. Hopefully that’s a sign to come. Under the radar for sure.
  11. Well I guess we should know something hopefully in a few weeks.
  12. So did KAT play the likes of Canton?!?!?
  13. Do the first name start with the same letter as the mascot?
  14. May need to have @MattStepp confirm, but the name I heard was Kyle freeman former AD at ozona in 2020.
  15. What? How does that happen and who was the one recommended?
  16. That’s pretty sweet to see Carthage on this list. Most of the schools are 6a/7A schools.
  17. What happen to Stewart and Anderson for T-High?
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