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  1. Lol pretty sure that is going to happen sooner or later for both. Good luck to you man!!!
  2. If we needed any help we would ask the two teams from your district that failed to complete the sweep but them Indians still going.
  3. "Don't quit the cattle on a stormy night stay with them all night" Carlisle by 3
  4. Congratulations Indians you guys are finally getting healthy and peaking at the right time. Good luck moving forward.
  5. How is that sweep of district 9 looking??? Asking for a friend!!
  6. Do you still have the same doubts this morning?
  7. I like you TrenchWarrior09 hopefully you will be my new crystal ball...
  8. Can't go against my Indians (ever) but we will need to be healthy and minimize mistakes to take this one.
  9. I think Alto puts 4 qtr. together and pulls it out in a close game.
  10. Taking my Indians but this is Halloween weekend and 2020 anything can happen especially if we go to UG overconfident.
  11. I'm taking my Indians in a high scoring game if Mr. Rona don't hit us to hard this game.
  12. It is pretty quiet.. Where is Chain? Has the cat got his tongue?? lol
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