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  1. You better quit lying that picture is off google we know you ain't out in that heat!
  2. Keep makin that money, you need it before your CRS gets too bad!!!
  3. I agree, but the sad reality for PT is they needed those few years of playing teams like Bullard. Confidence is a good thing that be contagious and is probably why they had a softer non-district schedule the past few years. Basically all I am saying is it did more for those kids at PT who only ever knew getting stomped by Kilgore to go put a 50+ burger on Bullard for a few years rather than getting slapped around by Carthage or Longview. I hope it works out for them now, I think it will now that the culture has changed. Lindale was in our district before dropping down to 4A and you know a
  4. Pine Tree's schedule has been released Varsity Football Schedule is below Aug. 19th - 7:00 PM - Gilmer - HOME - Scrimmage Aug. 27th - 7:30 PM - Liberty Eylau - HOME Sep. 3rd - 7:30 PM - Lindale - HOME Sep. 10th - 7:30 PM - Kilgore - AWAY SEPT. 17th ------- OPEN ----------- Sept. 24th - 7:30 PM - Marshall - HOME - District Game Oct. 1st - 7:30 PM - Nacogdoches - AWAY - District Game Oct. 8th - 7:30 PM - Jacksonville - AWAY - District Game Oct. 15th - 7:30 PM - Texas High - HOME - District Game - Senior Night Oct. 22nd - 7:30 PM - Whit
  5. Carlisle takes advantage of a team down on confidence and sends Timpson a thank you card
  6. I believe they tied some Dallas area 4A school, think there was issues with the lighting at the stadium at halftime.
  7. Interesting match up... I would not have said that 3 weeks ago, but I still cant get over PT allowing 7 points to both Marshall and Nac. This game is going to be close if the PT defense that played in weeks 1 & 2 of district shows up, but i think Tigers win by 14. If the PT Defense that showed up against Jacksonville shows up then its gonna be a long night for the Pirates because unlike the other teams the Pirates have faced the Tigers defense does have an identity and PT doesn't want those edge rushers chasing Freeman all night.
  8. That is typically how you have to win a game
  9. Thread this brain hurts to read my
  10. I am using the term "track record" referring to their district play, looking at the last 3 years i don't believe they have lost a district game, no surprise they don't go deep in the playoffs (not because their talent but because the level of opponents goes up tremendously due to a weak district in my opinion). Because I believe people think they are still in the District Champion or Runner Up Conversation i think this is a good game for Texas High to assert themselves at the top, at least to the doubters.
  11. I hope this game shows everyone how good Texas High really is, Marshall's track record gives them credibility and if Texas High is what most people think they are (I think they are the District Champ favorite) then i think this game could get ugly for Marshall, maybe not quick but if Marshall's Offensive line had trouble with PT's defensive line then things could go south in a hurry. I honestly don't see the Mavericks having a solution for the Tigers D-Line so I'll go with T-High by 14.
  12. Human Cheat Code Numbers!! That's awesome for Jacksonville, I'm sure their name will get them some looks and hopefully their play will get them a chance at the next level.
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