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  1. All the good names were taken..
  2. YouTube, search Texarkana Gameday
  3. I’m gonna say it. Both DL are winning the line of scrimmage. Carthage defense is crazy good and fast. Hope the poor Martin kid can hold up for PG, he is their only success on the ground. I said it earlier, PG just doesn’t have that kid at WR that can run by a Carthage corner.
  4. What in the world did you fix? I also think PG “should” make it to state. Last I checked drags and gos are “routes.” They also run other routes. Never said Gilmer a slouch, statistically PG defense better against stronger teams. Also, last I checked La Vega was a top 5 team. Anyway, thanks for the stellar work..
  5. Everyone losing faith in PG because they took an L against an Argyle team who won convincingly against a very tough La Vega squad. I was impressed by Carthage last Friday, but again it was Gilmer, not PG. Carthage will most definitely see a better defense on Friday. I keep seeing PG is 1 dimensional etc.. The QB passed for 225 yards on Friday and 3 TDs against a solid Silsbee defense due to them selling out on the run. That all said, Carthage should win this game. They have a huge offensive line, a great QB, fast and physical defense, and playmakers all over the field. PG just doesn't have gre
  6. Well it will be fun to watch the rest of 4A Div II play to see who will be state runner-up..Think we get a better picture of how good Carthage is next week. Gilmer D has not been good all year, so be interesting to see them play a good PG defense.
  7. Well that’s bc Carthage spends a lot of December’s in Dallas. Gilmer fans acting like Carthage and PG aren’t still looming in 4A Div II and Traylor moved backed. Lot of confidence in a team that got thumped in regional finals by..oh yea; PG.
  8. Its not a mute point. Every team Gilmer has played with the exception of Hendo has given up there fair share of points on the defensive side of the ball. They haven't face a real tough defense to date. They get to Friday. I may be wrong, but highly doubt they light up the score board like that have in the weeks past minus Hendo. It was the same thing last year, everyone hyped this offense up, and they were great until they faced the likes of Carthage and PG.
  9. It's Carthage, I assure you they will plug in someone to throw to. Lets not forget their 3 star QB who is throwing the ball. Look, I am not a Carthage fan, but like the rest of East Texas I know they a super year in and year out. I'm sure they will be great again. We all know they have played one game, but hey they are likely healthy haha.
  10. You are right, I retract the "nobody" statement. However, other than Gladewater, no real contenders. They should beat them though. I have no value in any other win at this time. Hendo hasn't played much, and too early to tell about them. Lindale has lost some games, and Atlanta, well you get it.
  11. Carthage gets the W and reminds the buckeyes that they haven't beaten one solid team all year. The four teams they have played have combined to win 5 games, two were 3A. Gilmer has an offense that will score, but Carthage will get some stops and pull away. Gilmer had a great comeback and scored a bunch against Lindale, but that's Lindale. Carthage is a different animal. Carthage by 20 ish..
  12. Can’t wait for this matchup tonight. Lots of questions on PG side of ball. The freshman RB put up huge numbers last week. I want to see how he responds tonight against a quality defense with size and speed. Can the QB throw it and be efficient? 2/6 with a TD last week. Never made a bad decision, but he will have to throw it more tonight. Like every year, I question how good is the PG secondary? I don’t see a ton of speed back there, but could be wrong. Last week wasn’t a great look. Although Nashville tried to throw it often, the DL blew the OL off the ball each snap and QB was throwing under
  13. That’s what I thought. I do not think it’s “sandbagging,” it’s week 2 and PG has numerous players taking significant snaps on both sides of the ball. No scrimmages, literally second game of action for the big boys playing both sides of the ball. Depth will matter in this game. Not saying PG shouldn’t win, but having that kind of depth is a big plus.
  14. Just curious, how many kids from Argyle play both ways?
  15. Nashville tried to throw a bunch against PG. The different looks never phased PG, bc the DL blew the Nashville off the ball every snap, and QB was immediately on the shuffle. Will not be the case next week. PG will get to the QB but not as often and will likely have to bring some pressure at times. We will get to see just how good the PG secondary is next week. Argyle has the numbers and it will be hot, the two way players from PG will have their hands full late in the game. PG needs to do PG things and eat clock. If they can get some 10-12 play drives and force a few 3 and outs to get that Ar
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