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  1. 2011 was when they won state, not sure what that has to do with 2018
  2. Guess it took you 5 days to come up with that statement. I don’t have a problem with the truth, I got a problem with a little troll.
  3. No, he is a Senior now, Townsend played quarterback last year, and Fred played qb his sophomore year. He was the back up quarterback his freshman year, yeah he may have played a little receiver but not enough to call him a receiver
  4. He was the quarterback as a sophomore, and didn’t play wide receiver, but a few plays as a freshman. He threw K.J a touchdown as a freshman.
  5. He has been in, he isn’t getting any yards either. You can’t tip toe in the hole, and think you are going to get yards against a good team.
  6. Idk, we layed down pretty early I that game. We moved the ball running, just couldn’t finish. Joaquin will score some, but need some turnovers to play with them. Also, need to be able to throw enough to keep the from stacking the box. If they have a weakness, it might be being over confident, but that ain’t much.
  7. Alto played really bad that night, but I If you do play bad they will make you pay, and if you play good they will still be hard to beat.
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