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  1. UIL doesn't allow games to be broadcast on Friday, it will be a live audio and delayed video one hour after the game ends.
  2. I was at the Gilmer/PG game and watched the Gilmer/Melissa game on video. Gilmer was hitting on all cylinders offensively against PG, they didn't miss too many WR's when they were open. Gilmer looked a little out of sync offensively (missed some wide open WR's) and Melissa did a good job of containing the QB when he ran.
  3. I think we'll see a 4-3 and they'll bring up a safety.
  4. Get ready for a BIG PG run in basketball sports fans. We have Xavier Benson (SR) 6'3 Forward/Center, Aaron Harmon (SR) 6'3 Forward, Luke Harmon (SR) 5'10 Guard, Ben Harmon (SOPH) 6'1 Guard........ Landon Jackson (Freshmen) 6'5 Center.... Layton Jackson 6'5 Center/Forward.... Yes, the Harmon boys are all brothers and all three start on the football team #10, #11, #25. The Jackson boys are brothers also, Landon plays football #40 DE/OLB. Their dad is 6'11 so they're probably not done growing. Xavier Benson needs no introduction.... Great football and basketball player and headed
  5. They are loaded on offense, really good QB (run & throw...great arm), 4 athletic speedy WR's, and a good line. RB's are good but small. The only question mark is the defense, however, they appear to be playing a lot better on that side of the ball. They have a ton of speed on defense but not that big. They have a good head coach in my opinion. They have a lot kids participating in football, so I think the kids really like the coaching staff. The school district is spending some money on new schools and upgrading the athletic facilities.
  6. I hope the QB is healthy, he's a great player. It takes at least two weeks and sometimes as long as 6 weeks to recover from a bruised hip? Did he play Friday night?
  7. PG by 18.... We score our season average 42 points and Celina scores one td over our season average on Defense 16.... 42-24 PG
  8. No sir....he has two older brothers that are on this team though that are seniors #25 & #11. The other older brother played basketball at PG a few years back. All three play basketball and are on the court at the same time.... pretty cool
  9. He has older brother that's 6'4 and he just turned 16 so I wouldn't be eliminating any of them.
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