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  1. I predicted 42-14 all week lol. What luck huh? That defense though.... Nuff said
  2. Gates are officially open. Fans are filing in as we speak. I have my tickets, it's time for some Lobo playoff football baby!!
  3. I just got off work so I'm about to head that way and check. I'll let y'all know what I find out
  4. Are we able to buy tickets at the gate right now? Or around 530?
  5. I mean other than the lufkin games maybe Belton back when they had David Ash, I remember a lot of people talking about him leading up to that game and he was a great QB. Concussions detailed his career with my beloved longhorns
  6. This is probably the most intriguing round 1 matchup since I've been watching longview back in 07. I can't remember a better round 1 matchup. LoboFan07 what do you think?
  7. I have ZERO respect for temple anyways so I hope we win 100-0
  8. Longview will win this comfortably. Give me the lobos 42-10
  9. Praying for safe travels to all. Go lobos, gonna be tough but our boys will be ready. 42-10 BOS
  10. Harleton completely dominated this game. From start to finish really. Timpson moved the ball on one drive and got down to about the 25 and then fumbled on the handoff. That was when they were down 7-0 in the 1st. After that Harletons defense shut down timpson and every time timpson had a big play they were penalized which killed any momentum. Great display by Harleton last night. #3 for Harleton is a beast
  11. About how much are season tickets? I go to every game so might as well get season tickets next year
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