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  1. Texarkana GameDay will be broadcasting this game online. You can either Google them or find the on FB.
  2. PG played 13 ranked teams this year. Did any other team come close to playing that many in one season?
  3. Looks like both teams will have to up their game in the near future... https://www.mykoolradio.com/big-changes-with-uil-reclassification/
  4. Salado does not have the speed to compete with PG. Blow out coming.
  5. PG 49 Salado 21 PG up early , then PG rests the starters and allows Salado to score late in the game.
  6. I was not aware Landon had committed to anyone yet.
  7. Take away 2 long plays and all the penalties PG had and this could have been a completely different game.
  8. PG 16 PARIS 6 PG muffed the extra point snap
  9. PG 7 PARIS 6 Paris Washington 60 yard YD run Missed PAT
  10. PG 7 PARIS 0 8 play 68 yard drive 8 minutes left 1st qtr
  11. https://thegrovenow.com/pleasant-grove-hawks-tune-up-for-a-season-filled-with-promise/
  12. https://thegrovenow.com/pleasant-grove-hawks-tune-up-for-a-season-filled-with-promise/
  13. Didnt mean to throw stones. We got out coached and out played. PG will get their best defensive player back next year so that should help. Not many teams at this level with 2 Defensive Ends that are 6'5" and 245 lbs that can move and put pressure on the QB. PG should be around a while as long as Gibson is their coach. Congrats to the Gobblers!
  14. Whittington is the real deal and I am glad he's gonna be playing for my Linghorns but I think the refs had a big influence on this game. Cuero's lineman held on almost every play. PG will be a heavy favorite to win it all next year. Great season for both teams!
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