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  1. Stop making stuff up regal LOL..only Melissa's last TD was on the Argyle backups and there was a long Rogers to Kirkpatrick TD pass in the 4th quarter and I'm sure that does not qualify as taking the foot off the gas. If Melissa hadn't turned the ball over 6 times and had 3 drives inside the Argyle 15 yd line with zero points this would have been a close game, but can't live life based on ifs. The Argyle D overall played very well and they are underrated.
  2. My thoughts on Argyle... The OL is very very good. They are not the biggest OL I've ever seen but their technique and physical play is rare on the 4A level. The Eagles D is underrated. I think holding LaVega to 7 was an eye-opener but now having seen the Argyle D in person there is not really a weak spot. Cole Kirkpatrick...just a incredible football player, Both of his TD catches were well defended and could have been INTs but he made the plays. Rogers is a very solid QB. My thoughts on Melissa.. Still a very solid team. Had 6 turnovers, 15+ penalties, 3 times i
  3. I will take a 20-0 first half lead. I'm still mad about how that game ended last year...
  4. Agree with this 100% and I'm thinking this is Rodgers plan
  5. The weather is the exact opposite of what it was last year when these team met in Argyle. I feel like Argyle is still the prohibitive favorite here as they dismantled PG & LV. Melissa will be the best offense they have faced. The key to me is how the first quarter plays out. The past 2 years Argyle jumped out to a big lead and Melissa played OK after that, but doing that against the eagles just won't end well.
  6. Melissa won the JV game 48-46. Melissa scored the go ahead touchdown with about 4 min left. Got a big stop on D forced an Argyle punt with 2 min 40 sec left. Facing 4th down from own own 9 yd line with 1 min 30 left Melissa elected to take intentional safety (Argyle had blocked 2 punts in 2nd Q) then held on D to get the win. Lots of young talent in pipeline for both teams.
  7. JV score update for anybody interested... at the half 28-28. Melissa was up 28-6 with 4 min left til half and Argyle scored 22 points to tie it up.
  8. Stephenville is a team that should not be overlooked. They thumped #3 highly ranked Dumas last week 46-33. They led that game 46-19 in the 4th quarter. #13 Morrison of Sville may be best player in 4A. Against Melissa he had over 200 yds receiving, played great on D, has some nice punts, kicked a 38 yd FG, filled the water bottles & drove the bus LOL. He also had a 96 yd TD reception against Dumas. SVille has depth issues with maybe only 35 players on roster but they are a good team.
  9. I'm sure Melissa can and will score on Argyle, I just not sure Melissa can stop Argyle more times than Argyle can stop Melisa. If they don't then it comes down to turnovers and special teams. Either way I just think the will be a shootout and thinking Argyle wins something like 54-39 but I will be there cheering on the Cards. An interesting though about Melissa's recent success. Since losing to Argyle last year the Cards have gone 8-1 on the field and the only loss was to LaVega 45-42 in a game they flushed away at the end. During this stretch Melissa has averaged over 44 PPG so the offense ha
  10. All of this really ####. I would play a game on the field and lose than gain a win by forfeit. When non-district games were just cancelled it was disappointing to those teams but when district games start being forfeited it is a huge mess with impacting seeding...now imagine the playoff matchup forfeits that will likely happen as well. A few weeks ago I thought we had a chance of making it thru December and crowning champs, but really starting to wonder. On a positive note I watched the replay of the Argyle-Fairfield 2013 state championship game yesterday afternoon on FSSW and what a fant
  11. The game has been cancelled due to Paris positive Covids. The game will not be played and Melissa wins by forfeit.
  12. Both are top 10 teams now. Melissa #8 Paris #10. Melissa is banged up on D but also has some depth and now have a 6-4 220 freshman seeing significant playing time on the DL. To me the biggest matchups to watch are the Card O vs Cat D and if the Cats can throw the ball on Melissa. The last 2 years were great games and think this one will be too but Cards pull away in 4th for a 2 TD win with all the depth and weapons. Melissa has had ELEVEN different players score TDs this year.
  13. Congrats to Argyle on the big win. I thought the Eagles would win but was thinking something like 28-17. When was the last time somebody beat LV by 4 TDs? and when was the last time somebody held LV to 7 points. I know LV was without their QB but that is still impressive showing by the Argyle D. There is quite a bit of discussion about Melissa in this thread and I can tell you when I saw 4 defensive starters on the sideline for the Cards with just jerseys and no pads on and also knew Youngblood was questionable tp play I knew this game might be a shootout. Youngblood never played a defen
  14. It will be on Melissa's YouTube channel. Just type Melissa ISD in search at 7:30PM and it will come up. The camera angles/view won't be great but the radio guys are doing the play by play and are decent.
  15. It looks like the extremely intelligent football fans of regal and dotcom have covered it all well but just my small contribution follows. Celina D has actually played really well against good teams the 1st 2 weeks. Melissa scored 5 TDs but one was a freak tipped ball and another on a long TD run late in the 4th. Paris had 0 points til late in the 4th. If Celina can contain the big play and shut down the Argyle run game this one could be close. The Cats will obviously have to find some kind of passing game too. I think #14 for Celina may have a nice night running the ball, but will take way mo
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