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  1. My last minute thoughts on this game before heading out to it soon. It's hard for me to believe that Paris only scored 7 against Argyle a month ago after seeing Paris put up 54 on Melissa, but think the Cats may have had turnover issues, also the matchups and style of paly within the games between these teams so different. I said last week thought Paris would have to be able to throw the ball effectively to beat Melissa and they did so in the 1st quarter and then never needed to again, running for 450+. Argyle's D significantly better than Melissa so saying again the Cats must be abl
  2. I got 1 on the Argyllian side late last night. The nice virtual seat map on ticketspicket showed very few seats left on Eagle side. I'm high up on about the 25-30yd line
  3. If you had told me Melissa would score 49 points commit 1 penalty and Paris would only complete 3 passes the whole game I’d tell you they would have won easily but didn’t end that way. The key plays were the early Melissa int that led to Paris 2nd TD and really made Melissa play catch up the rest of the night and the muffed punt in the 4th quarter. also the final TD for Paris on the 4th and 2 with 4 min left. That option pitch was a great play call. the real head scratcher to me was the 2 timeouts Melissa called on their final drive. Both timeouts were called immediately after the p
  4. Melissa 28 Paris 27. Cards score TD on all running play drive
  5. Was that way in 1st q. Not so much in 2nd q as Paris had less than 25 yards offense in the quarter and Melissa picked off a pass. Cards to receive 2nd half kickoff.
  6. The Friday evening weather forecast has improved so not sure how factor weather will be at this point. Argyle-LaVega- I like probably everybody else thinks this will be a closer game than the earlier match up but still think the Eagles will win. Thinking Argyle maintains a 1-2 TD lead throughout the night and wins 37-20. The Eagle D is underrated this year and unlike previous years I do not think Argyle has peaked too soon. LV best chance is to jump out to early lead and then hope the Eagle mental state is 'oh no, here we go again'. A safe bet is whoever wins the coin flip takes the ball
  7. As predicted this region was mostly blow-out city in bi-district round. Only W Hutchins-Kaufman was a close matchup. I think area round will feature a couple close games and a couple more blow-outs. Midlo Heritage vs Paris-- Paris 26 Heritage 24 This is a re-match of regular season game that Paris won 28-14. Paris ran all over Heritage the first time around but Heritage seems to improved alot since then and had a huge win over La Vega to win their district. I think think Heritage is the better all around team but thinking Paris wins again to gain a 3rd round matchup vs Melissa. If t
  8. Having seen both teams in person I will say SVille wil score some points, but Argyle will score at will. The player to watch for SVille is #13. He is one of the best I've seen this year, but SVille's D is not good and IMO Argyle's OL will impose their will. My prediction is Argyle scores early and often then cruises to a 59-27 win.
  9. Anna-Ranchview may actually be a close game. Both teams are really bad overall. Anna has a better balanced offense and can throw the ball with some success. Ranchview is superior upfront especially on D. Melissa held both teams to under 110 total yards and Cards D is solid but not great. IMO will be a close game and Anna wins by 10-12
  10. I think Carter is best of that district and would have been #1 seed but they had to forfeit games and will likely now face Melissa or Argyle in 1st round. Thinking D7 sweeps D8 and none of the games will be close.
  11. Paris would have destroyed Anna but IMO would not have beat Melissa, bad sadly we will never know. I do think these forfeits will have much impact on the district standings as I think they will finish 1-Argyle 2-Melissa 3-Paris 4-Kaufman and would have been the same without the forfeits
  12. Stop making stuff up regal LOL..only Melissa's last TD was on the Argyle backups and there was a long Rogers to Kirkpatrick TD pass in the 4th quarter and I'm sure that does not qualify as taking the foot off the gas. If Melissa hadn't turned the ball over 6 times and had 3 drives inside the Argyle 15 yd line with zero points this would have been a close game, but can't live life based on ifs. The Argyle D overall played very well and they are underrated.
  13. My thoughts on Argyle... The OL is very very good. They are not the biggest OL I've ever seen but their technique and physical play is rare on the 4A level. The Eagles D is underrated. I think holding LaVega to 7 was an eye-opener but now having seen the Argyle D in person there is not really a weak spot. Cole Kirkpatrick...just a incredible football player, Both of his TD catches were well defended and could have been INTs but he made the plays. Rogers is a very solid QB. My thoughts on Melissa.. Still a very solid team. Had 6 turnovers, 15+ penalties, 3 times i
  14. I will take a 20-0 first half lead. I'm still mad about how that game ended last year...
  15. Agree with this 100% and I'm thinking this is Rodgers plan
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