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  1. Any update from the land of the bears??
  2. So the OC has been there for decades what about the DC? Abron being a defensive guy did he have a DC? Would that dude have a chance to take over if they didn't want Kumrow back at the top?
  3. Wonder if he just wanted a change...some coaches get bored so to speak and need a new challenge. I have no connection so just offering an opinion.
  4. My name is YoungBuck for a reason... Seems these days you never really know why a coach leaves unless they have another job already. Just curious what the situation was there. I hope Coach Hancock enjoys retirement...unless a better opportunity presents itsself!
  5. That's literally why I asked the question...to educate myself. I didn't know so thank you for educating me. Now I know.
  6. When a HC "steps down" is that code for being let go but sounds better if you do it yourself? Rusk has a new Supt right? If so, not uncommon for them to bring in their own dude for AD/HC...
  7. possibilities would be something like... Longview Marshall Carthage PG Texas High Lufkin who am i missing??
  8. Same here. I only watch the 6 man title games...looks fun if you can run. Not so much for a fat kid!!
  9. https://eightlaces.org/special-teams/ Coach Fore seems to be one of the best when it comes to Special Teams. Check some of his stuff out.
  10. I believe every title 1 school has their own differences based on their location. Naturally in bigger cities there is way less influx of the "few with money" because they all go to private schools. In the country like East Texas there may not be a better option so you continue to send your kids to where they are zoned and deal with it.
  11. I would be interested to see if their is an influx of young or 1st time HFC's at these schools. Seems like the most likely candidates for this situation.
  12. This seems to be becoming a trend. Are small schools tired of the constant HC turnover causing constant AD turnover. I can see wanting some consistency throughout the entire athletic department.
  13. That's a rough drop in one season...that must have been one heck of a senior class!
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