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  1. Nothing needs to be said injuries or not, Newton is the better team and we noticed that, if you have any sportsman ship you go ahead and admit that Newton was the better team tonight no matter what and Waskom and I will be pulling for Newton they rest of way, Go Eagles LOL
  2. Thanks JJ, West Rusk fans are looking a little mad right now we could use there support
  3. I am talking physically, all of Waskom will have problems with Newton but I think Newton will be surprised
  4. I have to go ahead and say this now, #10 , #21 , #55 are the only ones missing and they have been for weeks except 10 but ", TK Hamilton #20 will play tonight with no problems
  5. I hate to burst your bubble, but that was what 1st week of season I'm pretty sure teams mature. If y'all play them now you lose!!
  6. I will say I do think WR and Arp fans and also EF should be rooting for us and encouraging us in the game instead of bringing us down and saying there better let's support D9 as a. Whole please we need the support from our own district
  7. I will admit that we got dominated that game everyone that has some class will admit it. I will say I do think Waskom has gotten better both sides of the ball so hopefully we can execute! I will say one thing y'all did only score on jet sweeps and we shut y'all down so not much on offense to brag about but on defense I'll give it to y'all THERE GOOD!!
  8. Hopefully Newton don't think like you, if so they'll be sent home with a LOSS don't go in there so cocky! I have to say touchdownlsu your the best st stiring the pot! LOL Goodluck to Newton Eagles
  9. All I have to say is it'll be a good game! Good luck to both teams! Let's just accept the fact that both teams deserve to be here no matter what and let's hope for a good game, Go Wildcats and Congratulations to Newton Eagles
  10. We have matured gotten better it is later in season buddy
  11. Very sad for all the injuries, also #10 He was on Crutches the other night. I heard ACL but don't quote me!
  12. TK #20 is good to go as I hear! #10 our safety that had the 2ints I hear he is badly hurt something to do with knee I heard Torn ACL! #21 Chris Stafford one of our backs has been hurt, but I believe if you saw #33 has filled his place quiet well. Should fair up to be okay if our offense can succeed, our defense I have no worries about, our run defense in the past 5-6 weeks has been just as good as anyone's the only thing that'll hurt us is Newtons threat to pass if you seen any of Waskoms stats we can't guard the pass all we can guard is swing passes and bubble screens
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