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  1. Their you hating commentary.. Get off the guys sack please!!
  2. What position was the DQ play off the game about Mr. Smart Guy/Gal?? What position player put the icing on the cake Mr. Smart Guy/Gal?? I know you was watching on your Lil TV cause you surely wasn’t at the game to support dem Hawks since you the biggest loser type. Your WHACK!!
  3. Seems like you need to stop lacing your BlackNMilds Mr. Stay lit. Just vying for an opportunity to knock off the champs swag!! Will have to wait till next year buddy!! As much as you trying not gonna change anything!! It’s in the history books so what you saying don’t matter no way. Get off the champs thread!! LMAO
  4. Here you go with this would've could've ####! Give the credit and save the IF's. Your analysis isn't needed about without this or that PG don't win! Your talking hypotheticals cause last time a checked he played and started 15 games prior to that and had the same effect in games when called up. Give the Hawks the credit and stop with the Without ####!!
  5. I expected that response from. Lol..Nothing left to say. Surely the game commentators didn't see nor describe anyof the interception plays as routine. 1 of the INTs was the DQ play of the game, so I'm quite sure you saw that enough on TV replay. Reason why your at home watching the game from your couch!!
  6. Didn’t see you say anything bout the picks the secondary got! Garbage comments
  7. You got some nerve WOS 411. At least PG can score whenever and wherever and however. We got options. Y’all waiting on ur QB to score on a long run, special teams or defensive turnover for short field possession. Gonna be nice to see y’all TRY and put a drive together when the rug is pulled from all y’all gimmick scoring methods!!
  8. That’s bout right! On the stats that is.. And how many of those games do you think the back-ups played significant time in so far? I’m waiting Mr. Stat Guru or Team Rank Guru.....You probably just ran and looked at Max prep so I’ll answer that for you.. all but 2..No you the 1 with false fixesd beliefs not changeable by reason.. Bet you didn’t even know the definition of of the word you just used
  9. No YOU go to sleep...Coming into smoaky forum with hypotheticals and NO facts after your film study. I know for sure you ain’t got a athletic bone in your body!
  10. Nah.. I want you to back up your post! You probably the 1 that’s said y’all be the 1st ever Stats Champs with 9-7 record. Talking Loud... But Saying Nothing!
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